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Brilliant Job

Big thank you to Deluxe for cleaning my dining room carpet and hallway, they looked terrible. All the stains are gone and the hall looks a hundred times better. I will never leave it so long again but I didn't know about dry carpet cleaning — Now I do! Thanks very much for a brilliant job
Teresa N Didsbury

Dog stains

Wasn't sure whether the carpet would ever recover from the stains our dog made when she was a puppy, they all came out as well as some old paint stains. I'm very surprised and pleased thank you.
Mrs Liz B Altrincham

Almost as good as New

We would like to say thank you for the trouble you took over our lounge carpet last Thursday, it looks almost as good as when it was new and that was nearly eight years ago. We are looking forward to having our sofa done next month.
John & Kitty W. Chorlton
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The Advantages of DRY Carpet Cleaning

  • No waiting for your wet carpet to dry… Your carpet is never soaked with water. Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning  uses a  unique system that  cleans the fibres of your carpet thoroughly  but we use minimal moisture to achieve our  outstanding results.
  • You can walk on the carpet while we are cleaning it and immediately afterwards it is ready to use
  • Perfect for last -minute cleans!
  • Perfect for a new home or for rental cleans. Get your deposit back! Leave your carpet spotless at the very last minute.
  • To make an appointment for carpet cleaning call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Urmston at 0161 768 0208


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Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning  is So Safe!

  • We use organic cleaning products that are completely safe for your carpet and your family
  • Our dry carpet cleaning system is safe for all pets …. and birds of all types. Many of our customers have pet birds and they use Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning because of our non toxic products
  • Perfect for childrens bedrooms, for a baby’s nursery and for expecting mums!
  • We use minimal moisture methods of dry carpet cleaning that do not impact our environment.
  • No dirty water or chemicals are emptied into drains or enter our water
  • We are proud to be a green and ecologically conscious carpet cleaning company.

Call us today and prepare to be thrilled. Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning   0161 768 0208

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning  is Allergy Friendly!

  • We use organic cleaning products that are completely safe for your carpet and your family
  • Our dry carpet cleaning system will not aggravate allergies
  • We use HEPA vacuums that are hospital grade, they are equipped with filters that trap tiny dust particles and allergens in your carpet. They are not recycled into the air.
  • We use minimal moisture methods of carpet cleaning that inhibit dustmite numbers. Dustmites need warm humid environments to breed and populate.
  • Research studies have shown that similar dry carpet cleaning systems used in the U.S have substantially reduced dustmite numbers after carpet cleaning for up to 6 months.
  • Dry carpet cleaning by Deluxe Dry Carpet is perfect for those suffering from dust allergies or pollen allergies
  • Perfect for anyone with respiratory conditions

Call us today at Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Urmston and prepare to be thrilled. 0161 768 0208

dry carpet cleaning stockport cheadleDeluxe dry carpet cleaning Urmston are a proud GREEN Cleaning company!

  • We use no toxic or volatile products that would harm your Indoor Air Quality or the environment
  • We use low moisture systems that do not require any type of  waste water disposal
  • Our low moisture methods conserve the finite resources of our beautiful planet
  • Deluxe Dry carpet  clean carpets  in  a truly responsible way!
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Although Urmston is the smallest town in the borough of Trafford it is an extremely pleasant area  to live in and has retained its village feel as well as having great outdoor spaces and excellent public transportation links to the nearby cities of Manchester and Salford. Local public transportation links are excellent for commuters with regular bus services and the train station in the town centre have regular services to neighbouring areas, Flixton, Chassen Road as well Trafford Park and Manchester City Centre.

Redevelopment of Urmston town centre
 The Eden Square redevelopment was completed in 2009 and cost over £43 million, this provided a pedestrian precinct for Urmston without disturbing the charming main street with its village-type shops but the precinct has provided a massive boost to the town. Many new shops and stores are here and the Sainsburys store is the anchor along with Aldi, Boots and Costa coffee. Shopping in Urmston is both very varied and convenient for all its residents and visitors.
There is very popular outdoor market which takes place on Fridays and Saturdays with a food hall offering meats, cheese, delicatessen stalls as well as household goods and gifts.

Leisure and Sports in Urmston
The George Carnall Leisure Centre near The Trafford Centre and the Urmston Leisure Centre on Bowfell Rd have all the fitness and sport facilities that the community need, there are swimming pools at both centres for fun and for swimming classes,  fitness classes and gym facilities, community centre areas. The George Carnall Centre  offers more than 15 different activities including Trampolining, 5-a-side-football, Basketball, Squash, Tabletennis, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Thai Boxing, Fencing and Exercise Classes.
There are several excellent golf clubs in the Urmston area, Davyhulme Park Golf Club is one  of them .
Stretford is Urmston’s nearest neighbour and in Stretford are both Lancashire Cricket Club and Manchester United Football Club.

Dining and Drinking in Urmston
There is plenty of variety when it comes to eating and drinking choices in Urmston. Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants are plentiful,  and several excellent pubs with more traditional meal choices
Costa Coffee is only one of many choices for a coffee while shopping, Urmston supports several independent coffee houses with delicious choices of bakery and meals.

Schools in Urmston  
There are both independent and public primary and secondary schools in Urmston.
Abbotsford Prep School, Flixton school and Davyhulme primary school are all Urmston primary schools.
Flixton Girls School and Urmston Grammar Academy are just a couple of the standout school choices in the Urmston area that make it a firm favourite for families.

Things to Do in Urmston
In Urmston town centre as part of the redevelopment of Urmston there is the public library.  The library is very active as a community hub, and hosts a long list of community activities every week. There are regular talks by local authors as well as children’s activities and baby singalong groups. There is something for everybody, it is also possible to sign up for computer tuition.

Golden Hill Park is only one of the many lovely and well- kept parks around Urmston. Golden Hill park has Memorial Gardens and is an easy walk from the town centre, this is always popular on a sunny day with lovely grassy areas for a picnic, a public bowling green and a children’s play area.
Urmston Meadows is another community facility that is widely used by dog walkers, runners and residents who enjoy nature. The Meadows are home to many different birds and wildlife.

History of Urmston
The town’s name is thought to have originated from the combination of Orme  — a Danish name and tun – the Saxon word for a settlement.  Orme’s tun  became Urmston.   Urmston was a farming community until the residents turned to weaving in the early 19th century as a more profitable occupation. The population of Urmston was recorded as 771 in 1848. The growth of factories impacted the weavers and put them out of business, the Cheshire Lines Railway opened in 1873 and as a result the town’s population could travel to work, Urmston grew into a commuter town and its population increased by over 650%  between 1871 and 1901. It grew from under a thousand people to  over six and a half thousand people.
Urmston was an independent town until 1974 when it was merged into Trafford Borough as part of Greater Manchester and is now considered to be a suburb of Manchester


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