Cleaning Christmas Stains on Your Upholstery


Socialising at Christmas is one of the highlights- make sure that you can deal with carpet and upholstery stains so that your carpet and furniture don’t suffer as a result . Keep a cleaning kit under your kitchen sink with some spray bottles and clean microfibre cloths at the ready for whatever spills and stains happen.

Christmas tree sap

Dampen a clean microfibre  cloth with alcohol ( IPA spray )or goo-gone wipes or liquid
Blot the sap stain on the  carpet or furniture fabric with the cloth
When the sap has been removed wait until the area is dry and test that it has all gone—the area should not feel tacky.
Repeat if the dried stain feels tacky

Cosmetics (lipstick, mascara, etc.)

Pre-treat the stain with a microfibre cloth dampened with IPA or Iso Propyl Alcohol. It is used to clean parts of computers and is available online.
You can also use hair spray as an alternative to IPA – spray it on a cloth and then apply with a blotting action to the stain, the colour will lift off the carpet on to the cloth.

Shake the can and spray the stain from about 6 inches away. Start from the outer rim of the stain and work towards the centre. Use light bursts and dab and blot  with a clean white cloth.
Be careful not to allow stain to spread or to reapply to fabric
Repeat  until no more stain is removed
Change the area of cloth until all the colour has been removed

Prepare a spray bottle  containing a capful of Bissell  to 500ml of tepid water. Use this to lightly spray the area of the stain and blot with a clean microfibre cloth until clean.


Spray a clean microfibre cloth with IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol ) or hairspray and apply to the stain.
Blot the area with a clean dry cloth
Prepare a solution of Bissell ( half a cap of concentrate to 300ml of tepid water) in a spray bottle.
Spray the stain lightly and use a clean microfibre cloth to blot the area.
Repeat until the stain has been removed

Nail polish.

Don’t count on removing this stain, especially if it has set for a few days.
Apply acetone to a clean cloth and then to the stain.
Don’t apply the acetone direcltly to the furniture fabric or carpet.
For any remaining traces of stain colour spray lightly with hairspray and blot with a clean cloth
Then apply the Bissell cleaning solution, spray lightly and blot with a clean cloth


Prepare a solution of Bissell ( half a cap of concentrate to 300ml of tepid water) in a spray bottle.
Spray the stain lightly and use a clean microfibre cloth to blot the area
Repeat until the stain has been removed
To remove any oil content in the gravy,
Take some alcohol ( not rubbing alcohol – use Iso Propyl Alcohol ) and put some on a clean cloth and blot the stain.
Repeat until the grease stain has been removed

Red Wine

Use “ Wine Away” a specialist wine stain remover
Spray the wine stain from about 3 inches from the stain. Leave for a few minutes until the stain has disappeared.
Blot the area until dry.
Repeat if the stain is still visible.

Wax (candles, crayons, etc.)

Scrape off any excess wax with a dull knife.
Use paper towels and put several on top of the wax press with a warm iron, when the wax melts it will be absorbed by the paper.
When the wax has all been removed treat the remaining spot with IPA ( alcohol spray) Spray a microfibre cloth and blot the area.
Then prepare  a solution of Bissell in tepid water and spray the stained area lightly 
Blot with clean microfibre cloths  and repeat if the stain is still visible

Ginger Ale, Sprite, Sodas

Don’t ignore “invisible” stains such as ginger ale, fruit juice or drinks with sugar just because you have soaked them up and  they have disappeared into the fabric .
Over time any stain containing sugar will  turn yellow and become sticky when dry and can attract dirt.

Fill a spray bottle with 300 ml  of tepid water.
Take several clean microfibre cloths and spray the stain and blot with the cloths until you are satisfied that the remaining stain has been removed.
Later on if  you see that the stained area is attracting dirt, use this method to remove the dirt and over time all of the stain will come out.


Use IPA ( alcohol spray ), cleaning fluid, or hair spray to dampen a microfibre cloth.  Apply to the stain and press firmly, the colour will transfer off the carpet and on to the cloth.
Change to a clean area of cloth and repeat until all the ink is removed.
Prepare a spray bottle containing Bissell solution
Use half a capful of concentrate to 300 ml of tepid water.
Hold the spray about 6 inches from where the stain was and spray lightly
Blot with a clean microfibre cloth and repeat until the area is completely clean