Why Upholstery Cleaning Is Good Value

Deluxe Dry Sofa Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning …makes good sense…WHY?

  •  Small Children? Big Children? Teens? Pets ?
  • You entertain often. Friends come over and stay for food?
  • You once  loved your furniture and now  you want to hide it?
  • Thinking about replacing your furniture?
  • You cringe when you look at your dining chairs?
  • You would tackle the stains but you’re afraid that you might ruin the fabric?
  • You buy cushions or a throw just to  cover the stains on the sofa?
  • You dread your in-laws arriving and seeing the armchairs?


Nothing spoils a room like a dirty chair or sofa … it’s  just like wearing a beautiful suit or dress with a big stain or dirty mark on it!  Our clients have beautiful homes and their clean furniture reflects their good taste Nothing can hide grimy, stain marked furniture Draping  throws over your sofa or chairs, or positioning cushions to hide the stains are not  good solution. With Deluxe upholstery cleaning you can restore your sofa to its former glory and rejuvenate those dining chairs so that they look inviting to sit on!

If you have pets or children – your upholstery cleaning should be on a more regular basis –  traces of body oil from pets and human hands attracts and holds dirt that cannot be removed without professional cleaning.

It is really surprising to see how attractive your upholstery looks when it has been cleaned – it changes the whole room. You can have new confidence when visitors arrive …

VALUE  … upholstery cleaning for your furniture makes good economic sense too….

  • Your furniture is an investment and you expect your sofas and chairs to last many years and give good service. All dirt is gritty and much of it is greasy, when a fabric becomes dirty or soiled the dirt particles grind away at the delicate yarn. This abrasive action causes abnormal wear – soon the texture begins to disappear and worn spots appear. Without professional upholstery cleaning this will happen sooner and then you can only reupholster or replace both options are expensive.

Don’t let this happen to your favorite recliner!! Expensive reupholstering can be postponed for years with our thorough, safe cleaning program

Regular professional  Cleaning  by Deluxe Dry Upholstery makes a huge difference to the appearance and longevity of your furniture.

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