Carpet & Furniture Cleaning for End of Tenancy


When you are living in rented accommodation it comes with some responsibilities. If your rental property has carpet or furniture that is not owned by you then you have to return the apartment or house in the same condition of cleanliness as when you moved in – and this includes carpet and furniture. It can be difficult to keep your apartment clean, especially if it has carpet.

This is not always easy because the carpet and furniture get used every day and will naturally accumulate soiling and sometimes stains. You, the tenant, are going to be held responsible for stains on the carpet and stains or soiling on the chairs or sofas.

Keep A Record of The Condition of Your Rental when You First Move In

Ask your landlord if the carpet has been professionally cleaned before you move in . It is always better to move into a rental property where carpet and furniture have been professionally cleaned after the last tenant moved out. However, not all landlords or agents will agree to this expense, nd there may not be time to arrange this before you move in
It is important to confirm whether or not professional cleaning was done before you move in as a tenant
Photograph any stains or marks on the carpet or furniture when you do move in and make sure the landlord or agent is aware of it .
also take photographs of worn areas, any damaged areas, rips or tears in the carpet and furniture in your rental property as soon as you move in. Although an inventory would have been taken before you move in , it is a good idea to make your own. It is worth taking the time to note any carpet or furniture you find damaged so that you don’t have to pay for them when you move out.

Can I Clean the Carpet and Furniture Myself?

Your landlord cannot insist on professional upholstery or carpet cleaning if that was not completed before you move into the rental, or if he did not pay for it after you moved in.
Be clear with your landlord what kind of cleaning is required when you move out
If the property was professionally cleaned before you moved in, then he has the right to insist that you arrange professional cleaning for carpets and furniture before you hand back the keys.
Remember that your security deposit is at stake.
if you move out and the inventory determines that the carpet and furniture are not cleaned to satisfaction, then you will be charged for cleaning and i mtay cost a lot more than you like..

Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for Rental property

Amazing Convenience

Dry Carpet Cleaning is extremely convenient. Because we use very little moisture in our unique cleaning process it means that your furniture will not have to be moved for the carpet to get cleaned.

Quick Drying

The carpets will dry quickly so they are ready for inspection. Furniture also dries in minutes, not hours.

Risk Free

There is no risk!
Dry Carpet and furniture cleaning systems are safe because they dry quickly and do not leave behind moisture. There is also no chance of carpet or furniture being damaged by water. There are no risks of furniture staining, rust, mildew, mould formation, or water staining. You can rest assured.

Superior Stain Removal

Thorough and effective
We always vacuum before we start cleaning . To remove hair and dry soil, and to clean the carpets, and to vacuum under and around the cushions.
We then treat each stain area by hand, using several treatments depending on each stain to achieve the best result.

Safe and Eco Responsible

We use less water than traditional dry cleaning services.
All of our products are completely safe and non-hazardous.
There is no need to pour dirty water into down- or sink drains.