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Deluxe dry carpet cleaning is a different kind of cleaning for carpets and upholstery, it has been designed for effective cleaning with the maximum convenience for customers. 
In the past traditional wet carpet cleaning has often been inconvenient for a busy family or at a workplace. Noone knows when the carpet will be dry and ready to use again, there is  lost productivity, lack of  access,  and a lot of noise during cleaning .
All of these difficulties  create  a negative situation that most people try to avoid for as long as possible. As a result,  carpets are  left to get dirty, sometimes it can only  be replaced.

Modern and Convenient Carpet Cleaning

 The Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning  system provides a convenient and effective alternative to the wet cleaning system.

We use low moisture carpet cleaning, also known as dry cleaning, this method of cleaning carpets  uses minimal water. This method has several benefits over traditional steam cleaning, which uses a significant amount of water and can take a long time to dry

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Dry Carpet Cleaning for Homes and Offices

Deluxe Dry Carpet-and Upholstery-cleaning

Convenient, rapid drying carpet cleaning for the carpets and rugs in your home. It’s never been easier or safer to have your carpets cleaned.


Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning is perfect for commercial spaces. Waiting rooms, showrooms, clinics or offices. A spotlessly clean carpet shows you value your employees and your customers.

Dry Upholstery Cleaning Commercial and Residential Services

Sofas, Armchairs, Loungers ,Footstools, Dining Chairs, Headboards, Office Chairs

Upholstery Cleaning Sale & Altrincham

Upholstery Cleaning Stockport Areas

Furniture Cleaning Salford Areas


Clean, stain free office chairs with Deluxe Dry Upholstery cleaning. Regular furniture cleaning is economical and extends the lifespan of office furniture.  

Deluxe Dry Sofa Cleaning service

Have your home furniture cleaned professionally by Deluxe Dry Upholstery  cleaning. No danger of water staining or damage, just beautiful clean furniture.

The Advantages of Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose DRY?

drycarpet cleaning serviceRapid Drying & Convenient
drycarpet cleaning serviceNo Wet Mess No Mould or Mildew
drycarpet cleaning service100% Guaranteed
drycarpet cleaning serviceAllergens & Dust Removed
drycarpet cleaning serviceSafe Products & System
drycarpet cleaning serviceStains Will Not Return

Why Choose Deluxe Dry Carpet and Furniture Cleaning ?

Carpet Cleaning timperleyDeluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning is for busy families and businesses! With Deluxe your carpet is dry in minutes and there is no waiting, you can walk on it immediately and you don’t even have to move heavy furniture– we clean around it!

Dry Carpet cleaning is so popular because it is so convenient.

-Your carpet is dry and ready to use

– there is no waiting

– No wet mess

What it means for you.. Your carpets can be cleaned at the last minute!

You can walk on the carpet while we are cleaning it. The dry cleaning system is perfect for offices or residences, homes with busy families where it is not convenient for everyone to leave. If you are moving house we can clean your carpets the day before the movers arrive.

Unexpected guests? No problem… Call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning and your carpet will be spotless.

Entertaining at the weekend ? Call Deluxe Dry Carpet and your living room carpet will be soft spotless and fresh … just the way you  love it.

No need to inconvenience your family or disrupt your plans. Try us and see for yourself  0161 768 0208

Local Carpet Cleaning TimperleyEnjoy complete peace of mind when you have Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning  to clean your carpets or furniture. Our products and system are 100% non toxic and non hazardous. Our HEPA vacuums are hospital grade and will not fill the air in your home with dust or dirt particles from the carpet. Your loved ones’ health is as important to us as your carpets appearance.

Deluxe Dry Carpet care about your carpet and your home. All of the cleaning products and materials that we use are safe, we never use anything that is harmful.

Environmentally safe products and machines

Cleaning agents are Green Seal and EU approved

Wool Friendly products and methods

What this means for you….

You can have complete peace of mind that you and the ones you love can be safe around carpets that have been cleaned by Deluxe Dry Carpet. Pet birds are extremely sensitive to chemicals and our carpet cleaning is totally safe for them and all other pets

Safe for babies, toddlers, pregnant mums and pets of all kinds

Call Deluxe Dry carpet cleaners today to make your appointment 0161 768 0208

We Want Happy Customers

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaners At Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning we  are very proud of the many referrals and reviews by our customers that have grown our business. We unreservedly guarantee our cleaning work and service. If you are not happpy we are not happy. Every cleaning is important to us.

We want our customers to be delighted with every carpet cleaning from Deluxe!

Individual stain spots removed
Traffic soiling and dirt removed
Carpet pile is lifted and revived
What that means for you…
We are very proud of the service that we provide to our customers every day, in return we receive hundreds of referrals and compliments. We always guarantee our service because we want every single customer to be completely happy with our service!
Not every spot and carpet stain can be completely removed but we pre treat every stain individually and leave your carpet looking fabulous. We know that a clean carpet is important but you want it to look wonderful also!

Call Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning Timperley today to make your appointment 0161 768 0208

Strong Stain Removal carpet cleaning Timperley servicesTreatments

At Deluxe dry carpet cleaning we use effective stain cleaning techniques. Stain removal is an art and we use the most modern techniques to clean carpet stains.. and keep them from returning.

We leave your carpet dry and so there is no possibility of stains coming back a few hours later. Dry carpet cleaning cleans the fibres of the carpet only… no moisture penetrates the backing or padding of the carpet. No dirty solution will come through from below the carpet

Your carpet stays cleaner between cleanings with dry carpet cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning your carpet eliminates “wick back” stains
  • No sticky residues remain in the carpet
  • Our product contains a dirt- resisting element
  • What this means for you….
  • Your carpet stays looking good between professional cleanings. We pre treat carpet stains by hand before we start to clean your carpet so that they stay gone.
  • Loop pile carpets are traditionally difficult to clean but with our dry method we can clean them so that they look amazing right down to the backing.

.Our cleaning system does not have any detergent content to cause any type of sticky residue. Your carpet should remain stain free and spotless for months after carpet cleaning

carpet Cleaning Timperley CompanyDeluxe dry carpet cleaning are a proud GREEN Cleaning company!

  • We use no toxic or volatile products that would harm your Indoor Air Quality or the environment
  • We use low moisture systems that do not require any type of  waste water disposal
  • Our low moisture methods conserve the finite resources of our beautiful planet
  •  Good News for Allergy Sufferers … Dry carpet cleaning helps to reduce dust

    -Our HEPA vacuums are approved by the British allergy Foundation and are hospital grade

    -Low moisture dry carpet cleaning helps to prevent dustmite proliferation

    What that means for you…. If you suffer from allergies, or respiratory problems carpet cleaning can trigger very unpleasant symptoms … sneezing, watery eyes and running noses and shortness of breath. Very often those symptoms occur because the cleaning methods throw up dustmite particles or allergens such as dust or pollen or pet dander. Dry carpet cleaning is the way to have clean carpets without causing discomfort to allergy sufferers.

  • Deluxe Dry carpet  clean carpets in in  a truly responsible way!

professional carpet cleaners

There is no risk attached to dry carpet cleaning Your furniture, furnishings or hardwood floor will not suffer stains or any kind of wet damage.

  • There is no risk of carpet shrinkage or stretching
  • There is no damage to furniture
  • And no risk of dye run, rust or mildew
  • What that means for you….
  • Our cleaning system is very low moisture, we clean the carpet and nothing else. The carpet will be completely dry and ready to use when we finish and you do not have to move heavy articles of furniture. Adjoining areas are safe from flooding or any kind of moisture transfer. There will be no musty smells and no mildew or mould.

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If you have questions about our services or if you want a no-obligation free estimate or to make an appointment to have your carpets or furniture cleaned.

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Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Customers Say........

Brilliant Job

Big thank you to Deluxe for cleaning my dining room carpet and hallway, they looked terrible. All the stains are gone and the hall looks a hundred times better. I will never leave it so long again but I didn't know about dry carpet cleaning — Now I do! Thanks very much for a brilliant job
Teresa N Didsbury

Dog stains

Wasn't sure whether the carpet would ever recover from the stains our dog made when she was a puppy, they all came out as well as some old paint stains. I'm very surprised and pleased thank you.
Mrs Liz B Altrincham

Almost as good as New

We would like to say thank you for the trouble you took over our lounge carpet last Thursday, it looks almost as good as when it was new and that was nearly eight years ago. We are looking forward to having our sofa done next month.
John & Kitty W. Chorlton

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