Deep pile or ultra-plush carpeting  has become a hot favourite with home owners in recent years… get help keeping this lovely carpet clean with Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaners 

dry carpet cleaning service manchesterThe use of softer synthetic yarns give modern carpets a luxurious feel and look that is perfect for bedrooms and especially comforting in the winter months. Development of modern hi-tech weaving methods is responsible for  these ultra-plush carpets, they are constructed from special yarns where each yarn contains more than 700 soft ,”silk-like fibres ”

But this high density  carpet type can present a challenge when it comes to maintenance, the length of the pile and the softness of the the carpet texture  and the density of the yarn make it difficult to use your regular vacuum cleaner.

The video below shows the problem clearly…

Consumer Reports  demonstrates the difficulty when you attempt to vacuum your deep pile carpet. Either a carpet or an area rug made from the same type of carpet pile. Even with all his weight behind the machine .. the operator cannot push the vacuum cleaner across the carpet … it is stuck fast!

Why Does it Happen?

dry carpet cleaning serviceThe video explains the nature of the problem and how to adjust your vacuum cleaner to solve the situation. The looseness of the fibre causes the machine to sink down into the carpet, the machine is buried in  the carpet and air flow to the vacuum is effectively cut off . This creates a suction- cup effect and the vacuum is stuck fast.

Don’t forget that all home carpeting should be kept in top Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Logocondition with professional dry cleaning at least once a year.

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The solution to the problem 

Adjust the height of your vacuum  …  Examine your vacuum. Many upright vacuum cleaners have a height adjustment, adjusting the height of your vacuum is the secret to vacuum your deep pile carpet . Adjusting the setting for  deep carpet pile  will raise the machine wheels  up so that it can maintain air flow and allow the  vacuum to be pushed over the pile.

Cannister vacuums also may have a height adjustment. It will be located on the head of the cleaner. Look for it or consult the manual.

Your  canister vacuum cleaner may have a suction control instead of a height adjuster. This achieves the same result, you can make suction more or less powerful and the control is usually located on the stem of the cleaning head.

If your own vacuum cannot be adjusted for suction or for pile height, then  you might need to start looking for an alternative vacuum cleaner to vacuum your deep pile carpet. There are several different models available that will not only clean deep –pile carpet but can clean every other carpet type also.

How to vacuum your deep pile carpet  :

Set your vacuum to the highest pile setting to start and if it is too easy to push across the carpet adjust it down until there is some resistance.

When you can feel the vacuum engaging with the carpet fibres and can see the brush strokes  appear on the carpet pile then you have got the setting correct for cleaning your carpet.

Vacuum your deep pile or ultra plush carpet as regularly as you would normal carpet, at least once a week, more often if you have children or pets and always tackle stains and spots as quickly as possible.

For more information on how to get the most out of your vacuum   CLICK HERE and general information on removing carpet stains and keeping your carpets in fabulous condition

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