Urmston Schoolboy Celebrates Outstanding GCSE Results

Urmston schoolboy Nathan Adams-Jackson has achieved outstanding GCSE results in spite of having a very challenging covid experience last year. A student at Beech Hall School in Tytherington near Macclesfield , Urmston resident Nathan achieved 6 GCSEs even though he had to spend most of the pandemic shielding due to extreme vulnerability.
His headmaster at Beech Hall School said that Nathan had developed outstanding positive attitude to learning during his time at the school, he added that the staff were delighted that Nathan’s hard work and determination to succeed had been recognised.
Beech Hall is a non selective independent school and 95% of its students passed both English and Maths

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Urmston Food Hall Plans to feature “contactless “ hotel rooms and outdoor space

The ambitious Market 41 indoor food hall project in Urmston has been altered to allow for social distancing requirements.   The plans were drawn up originally in 2018 as a £3.5 million development for the indoor market on Railway Rd in Urmston and feature both indoor and outdoor eating areas with a selection of locally sourced artisan quality food and drink.
The developers are Altrincham based McGoff Group and they have now thoroughly updated the original plans to allow for social distancing requirements. The new plans will still have the food hall as the main feature but will now include modular units to ensure space between the individual operators and outdoor spaces.
The plans include 30 contactless hotel-style bedrooms on the top floor of the venue for overnight stays and the rooms allow self checkin via a dedicated smartphone app.
The change in plans for the very popular market in Urmston will ensure social distancing requirements can be followed simply and safely for Urmston customers and vendors  and they can continue into the foreseeable future.
Director Chris McGoff commented that the way we now conduct our day to day working lives and how we spend our leisure time has changed and forced a rethink in how Market 41 in Urmston will function in the future.  

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Urmstons new Bread Club

When the UK went into the first lockdown there was a huge up surge in interest in  home breadmaking. With nothing better to do we turned to making sourdough and artisan breads and one of those that embraced the art of breadmaking was Irina Ruseva.
  Irina  grew up in Bulgaria where it is common for people to bake their own bread rather than buy it and when lockdown struck, she made bread at home and shared it with her neighbours and friends. Her sourdough bread was so popular that she has now launched a second career running the popular neighbourhood bakery Flour & Soul.
Irina made surplus loaves and posted on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in buying from her. The demand was so great that now Irina was able to launch herself as a baker, selling sourdough, “Maltchester” and seeded sourdough loaves and a 100% rye loaf as well.
The flour is locally sourced from a  mill in Cheshire, she only sells in the M41 area and the bread is delivered by bicycle. 

Irina’s bread club is subscription based and customers get weekly delivery of loaves to their doorstep. Flour and Soul currently has 85 members and is close to maximum capacity,  Irina invested in an semi-professional oven that can bake up to 6 loaves at a time but Irina would like to expand soon and move to  nearby separate premises

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Urmston Campaign to Reinstate Seal Statues


When Urmston shopping precinct was redeveloped in 2007 the seal statues that were featured in the centre were removed and never reinstated. Now entertainment manager Jonathan Hindley is petitioning for the seals to be recommissioned and replaced in the town centre. Jonathan has already raised several thousand pounds for charity during lockdown, he said it would be amazing to have the seals back in Urmston. So many have fond memories of them and they were a real talking point.
He proposes that the seals be brought back to the centre but mounted on a plinth so that they would not pose a health and safety risk. More than £34,000 has already been raised with over 120 different organisation and workers benefitting from those donations

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