Timperley Village News Round Up


Here are some of the interesting news articles about Timperley Village …. Some of the articles about Timperley may not be the most recent but we think they are all make interesting reading.

Timperley is a delightful village in Trafford, it has a thriving active and friendly community, excellent schools and is close to Manchester city centre and Manchester airport.

Timperley Resident’s Wish Comes True!

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Timperley Resident wish is granted

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Timperley resident Tommy Stott sadly passed away in September, four years after his diagnosis, Tommy used those four years to raise an astonishing £25,000 for cancer charities.

Retired and a grandfather Tommy had lived for many years in Timperley, and had worked as a chef at Manchester United FC. Serving up delicious dishes to the likes of David Beckham and other sporting celebrities. Not surprisingly one of Tommy’s heroes was Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Alex called Tommy and spoke to him 10 days before he passed away.

Such a thoughtful gesture from Sir Alex must have cheered Tommy and lifted his spirits.

The messengernewspapers.co.uk  reports that Tommy’s son said “ He was elated to receive that call”

Timperley Primary School Celebrates 50 Years of Education

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Timperley primary school

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Willows primary school in Timperley has educated thousands of children over the past fifty years and some of those past students were on hand at the party held to celebrate this wonderful school and its place in Timperley

Fifty years ago, when it opened in 1968 Willows had 150 students, today the school on Benson rd in Timperley has nearly 300 students and has a beautiful new building that was opened in 2015.

Although a school day staff and children held a special celebratory assembly and govenors and PTA members attended to hear the history of the school followed by a special fun “60’s style” lunch featuring sausage rolls and pineapple chunks on sticks! Later in the afternoon school pupils took part in “Golden Activities” and rounded off the celebrations with a cake and singing “Happy Birthday”

The celebrations for this special Timperley school  will continue throughout the year with a Jubilee Ball in March and a Jubilee Fair in June. The Willows Primary School would love all past students to participate in the festivities and asks any former students who are interested to get in touch.

Timperley Residents Can Now Keep Fit in The Park

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Timperley Park has fitness classes

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Timperley residents can get into shape and stay fit in one of their own local parks thanks to a new facility opened in Newton Park Timperley. This facility is an outdoor fitness gym that is open to all members of the public who wish to use it and has been funded by grants from Trafford Council and  the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund. The Messenger Newspaper reported that Dave Eatock who is charman of the Friends of Newton Park thanked the funders and the groups that have supported the project. Newton Park is already a firm favourite with the Timperley community and the availablilty of this exercise equipment is going to make it even more fun. From October a personal fitness trainer will provide weekly Fight the Flab  sessions at the park on Monday evenings from 6-7pm

This new project is another very welcome addition to Timperley’s popular park exercise and sport programmes which include Walking Football on Thursdays from  11am -12 noon and the Tai Chi programme which takes place also in the park on dry days from 12pm-1pm

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