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The Northern Quarter of Manchester

The Northern Quarter is part of Manchester city centre and it  lies just over 400m to the east of the city’s medieval cathedral. The area  is only 250m from the towering textile mills of Ancoats and is what was once part of Manchester’s mill area. The area known in Manchester as the Northern Quarter is  about   0.3 sq km and  is bounded to the west by Shudehill and High Street, to the north by Swan Street, to the east by the RochdaleCanal and to the south by Piccadilly.  The  location  has been modified many times over the years and is now a very fashionable area modern Manchester to shop and to live, with many apartment buildings interspersed with trendy boutiques and coffee shops and ethnic restaurants . At least fifty percent of the buildings in the Northern Quarter  have been rebuilt of have been modified ,  and the area retains its history because of the existing buildings and the street layouts for the roads and also, most significantly, in the mix of  contrasting historical structures. In the Northern  Quarter, brick-built Georgian craftsmens’ houses, complete with purpose-built top-floor workshops, rub shoulders with multi-storeyed steel-framed Edwardian fabric stockrooms, Victorian clubs, markets and business offices, and 20th-century department stores. Several areas of the city centre have been remodelled to preserve their heritage and yet provide a modern workspace or premises.

The changes in the Northern Quarter arose from the  successful commercial  regrowth of the area which started In the mid-1990s. The Northern Quarter has increasingly re created itself  from a neglected district,  which was wasting away in a state of economic inertia, to an attractive and thriving area of central Manchester with very distinct characteristics  of Manchester’s city centre. Both English Heritage and Manchester council are eager to make certain that, as the area moves into a new stages of development , the historical integrity that is so crucial to its personality is not lost. Formal efforts to both secure and also revitalise the North Quarter started back in 1987 with the classification of the Smithfield and Stevenson Square protected areas  by Manchester City Council. A regeneration research study, additionally appointed by Manchester Council,  was created  in 1993 which resulted in the location’s promotion as an emphasis for imaginative project  and the adoption  of the name ‘Northern Quarter’.

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