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Stockport Parks – Etherow Country Park SK2

Etherow Country  Park was once part of the estate of George Andrew, a very well to do Victorian who was responsible for the building of  Compstall Cotton  mill in the 1820’s. Andrew was a great philanthropist and he envisioned  Compstall village and built it to house his mill workers, because he was concerned about their welfare and the education of their children.  The canals  around Stockport that can be  seen today were planned and  developed by Andrew to channel water from the weir on the river to power  the mill wheel, which was how the mills generated the power to run the cotton making machines.

Andrew was also fond of shooting and also fishing in the woods and lake of Etherow estate   and the Keg Woods  and lake were his own private shooting and fishing  grounds. Nowadays these areas are a peaceful sanctuary for a variety of wild animals and birds.

Etherow Country Park is a wonderful location to go for a day out set in   beautiful surroundings and with numerous lakes and pathways.

Birdwatchers will discover plenty to see throughout the year, in Etherow Country Park,  Nuthatches as well as Tree creepers. There are  Mandarin ducks, swans atnd also geese in the lake areas.  You can purchase duck and also bird food at the park and children love to feed the birds .  If you are lucky enough to visit the park in Stockport when it is nice weather, there are many  fascinating walks around the lakes that interlink with each  other and they provide a remarkable opportunity to appreciate the woodland views and trees  and also great quantities of butterflies and  birds during the summer season.

There is an impressive waterfall by the  lake and plenty  of woods to discover. There is a stepped weir at the end of the rivers, where you will find the beautiful  Keg Swimming pool and also a steep  path that goes all the way to the Glossop Road through  even more woodland.

There are fishing possibilities  and also pond where you may simply admire the fish, you can sign up with the sailing or  boating club and learn how to sail  or delight in the walks  as well as paths. The Etherow Country Park has an impressive  annual Events programme, plus guided theme  walks and Area work days so check online before you visit to see exactly what is happening .

You may want to bring your boots as the walks can be  muddy, especially  after rainfall, yet the majority of the walkways are cared for very well. Stockport dog owners enjoy  Etherow park as well as dogs and dog walkers  are plentiful no matter what the weather condition, there is  an excellent dog walking centre at the park.

There is a restaurant at the park and if the weather is bright and  warm there are barbecues and tables so you can bring your own food and  eat outdoors.

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