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Stockport and The Stairs House

This is a visitors attraction in Stockport and the  house is  famous for its  unusual Jacobean cage-newel staircase. It is Stockport’s earliest and oldest town house and it is currently a museum  where visitors can  discover  how  people  lived in Stockport from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

There are 16 areas in the beautifully restored townhouse. On arrival youngsters are given a pack with  mini-bags containing  an activity to match many of the areas in the museum .The activities are  targeted at older kids but it is worth getting one  whatever the age of your children , just for the two finger puppets that are included. In all the Stairs House areas , except  the dining room, kids will learn as well as have fun with the objects, allowing you to relax and  have a great look round on your own. Among the favourites for the under fives is the checking room, where you can compose with quill pens and many will come away covered in ink. Another very entertaining area is the dressing up area — the only disadvantage is that the stairs house is so much fun that it is  difficult  to drag the kids away!

The Stockport Story Museum is attached to the Stairs House  and provides a background to life in the town . Smaller children will be interested in  the market day and medieval costumes that they can  try on, discovered on Degree 4, plus the Victorian sprucing up boxes and playthings dotted on each level.

The original café at the Staircase House in Stockport was Blackshaws, and  Blackshaw’s are part of the history of Stockport as a result of the Blackshaw family  links with St Mary’s Church.

Joseph Blackshaw was a warden of St Mary’s Church during the late 19th Century, and also  a District Councillor around this time. In 1897 Joseph and his brother Thomas Blackshaw,   who were both baptised at the church and church goers , financed  a new bell for  St Mary’s bringing the total number of bells at the church to their present number of 10.

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