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Stockport – A vibrant town in the NorthWest

Stockport is  a large and  busy town  on the outskirts of Manchester. The town offers many diverse  and interesting things and places to visit and  experience,  From the town centre , to the market hall, the Merseyway Shopping Centre , the large  Stockport Railway viaduct, the air raid shelters, and also Grace square, a visitor will not be short of places to visit in the Stockport area.

Stockport achieved fame after the Industrial Revolution and became a major cotton manufacturing centre in the UK but almost no industry is now in Stockport which is essentially a commuter town outside Manchester. The town centre was always an area with  the location for great speakers  to publicly air their opinions , and  additionally the location for public punishment , consisting of the pillory as well as stocks.

The Stockport Museum houses some  remarkable archaeological exhibitions including an impressive portrayal of the town  from the Stone  Age right up to modern-day times, the exhibition is called On One Round Hillside. The museum additionally holds the notorious Scold’s Bride, a cruel device from medieval times that was used as a punishment for  that prevented  them talking  inside the confines of a steel cage.

Castle Yard is the place from which  the very first hot air ballon in 1827 took off. St  Mary’s Church is still a very imposing building and  it  presides  over the market location today in all its architectural  glory . Close by,  can be  found the Market Hall which houses the very first silk manufacturing machinery .

Constructed in 1840, Stockport’s extraordinary railway  viaduct is still an architectural marvel.  The viaduct  influenced many  of L. S. Lowry’s  famous paintings . The viaduct attracts attention on the landscape in front of the picturesque red sandstone cliffs.

The Stockport  tunnel tours are a very unique feature of Stockport town. These tunnels have been cut right into the  cliffs. They played an important function for the gas  power transformation that happened in the 18th century.

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