Why Should You Buy A Steam floor Mop?

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Steam mop for cleaning

  • Less Work. The steam generated by a steam mop is at a minimum temperature of 212 degrees faranheit, this means that instead of having to exert physical effort by working the mop over a stain or dirty patch the temperature combined with the microfiber cloth will erase the stain with minimum physical effort. No wringing the mop or pushing a heavy mop to and fro over a floor, the steam mop is light and easy to use with a smooth to and fro movement. Less effort involved because there is no need to rinse.
  • Super Fast! New steam floor mop users are always astonished at how quickly their floors are cleaned with this useful appliance. It really could not be simpler. Put water in the water tank or container, plug the steam mop into the socket, switch on. Wait 30  to 60 seconds and start steaming. Move the mop smoothly over the floor being careful not to miss areas, change the cloth if it becomes too wet or if your floor area is very big. When you have finished switch the mop off, unplug, remove the cleaning cloth, empty any water out of the container and you are done. It takes me between five  and seven minutes to complete a standard size UK kitchen

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3. No Wet Floors The steam from the steam floor mop  is known as dry steam vapour , it not only cleans the floor quickly but it will dry in a fraction of the time it takes a regular mopped floor to dry. This also depends on the temperature of the room of course, in the middle of the summer your floors will dry more quickly than on a very cold day. But no matter what the ambient temperature the floor will dry much more quickly if it is cleaned with steam rather than hot water. Why is this important? Convenience is one consideration, most mothers would rather have their floors dry quickly after cleaning so that everyone can walk on them. Safety is another reason, the longer a floor is wet the more likely someone can slip and fall and hygiene is another reason, when a floor is wet it is a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially in warm temperatures.  I expect a floor that I am cleaning with a steam mop to be dry wherever I started by the time I finish the floor. Yes! Its that fast to dry.

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