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The Stamford Quarter in Altrincham


The Stamford Quarter in Altrincham

The Stamford Quarter Is an outdoor shopping district offering a variety of retail stores, casual eateries, a modern gym and a community space in Altrincham centre. It runs from Regent St to Stamford Rd and is now a shopping & pedestrian area.

Altrincham has all the advantages that make a town attractive, and now  there is a fantastic opportunity for Stamford Quarter to build upon its recent success; further enhancing Altrincham’s regeneration and creating a new residential neighbourhood that complements the town 
Altrincham was recognised in 1290 as a market town and has a long history. Today Altrincham has a total of five conservation areas, many listed buildings and historic buildings all of which help to preserve and contribute to its exceptional character.
As a town Altrincham continues to thrive and over the last ten years has received recognition as England’s Champion High street in 2018 and awarded the Sunday Times Best Place to Live 2020 accolade. The remodelling and refurbishing of the Market House and the Altrincham Market areas in the town centre have contributed to the advancement of Altrincham as a spectacular place to live and work for its residents. Its singular location, close to the city of Manchester and all the advantages of a big city yet minutes from escape into the beautiful Cheshire countryside with National Trust properties such as Dunham Massey and Tatton Park almost on the doorstep.

Outstanding schools abound, sporting and community facilities are many.
Altrincham is an attractive and accessible town and a part of the centre of Altrincham complementing its regeneration and creating a new liveable neighbourhood is the Stamford Quarter.
The Stamford Quarter is at the heart of Altrincham running from Regent St to Stamford road and adjacent to the Altrincham market area. It has a variety of large popular shops including the fashion stores, H &M , River Island and Monsoon. Wilkinsons  and Boots, Next and Waterstones are all there and create an alternative to the Trafford Centre not only for Altrincham residents but for towns all around the Trafford area. Coming to shop in Altrincham, visitors can enjoy a coffee at Costa or at one of the many independent coffee shops in the Stamford Quarter such as Stutter and Twitch or The Little Dessert Shop.
Stamford Quarter Living
The Stamford Quarter is already a very attractive area for visitors and shoppers and now plans have been proposed by Bruntwood Works and Trafford Council to transform the Stamford Quarter into a mixed -use destination. To reshape the area by blending retail, leisure, commercial and residential space to encourage more people to come into the town centre and to live in the town centre.
The larger vacant units, for example that formerly occupied by Rackhams are proposed as commercial workspaces for retail and hospitality operators on the ground floor. Pop -Up shops for trialling new concepts on the high street as well as cafes and restaurants to complement the Stamford Quarters’ existing stores are being considered, and hoped to act as an anchor to draw people into the area and enhance the economy.
Existing high rise buildings such as Clarendon House which used to house the library and offices is proposed to be changed into a range of residential units and Sunningdale House to be used to create modular homes.
The recent regeneration efforts for many of Altrincham’s public spaces have  benefitted the town and its residents and these latest plans are a continuation of this plan. They would transform Stamford Square into an attractive square that creates a new focal point and hub for families and the local community.            

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