Stains & Spots on Carpets & Rugs


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When a liquid is spilled on your rug it is important to deal with it quickly. Take some kitchen towel and a spoon and use the spoon to remove any solid and then put a towel under the rug in the spill area and then blot the area on the front with kitchen towel to soak up as much liquid as possible. Keep blotting the area until no more liquid is absorbed.

Do not rub or scrub the rug, only blot… press firmly without scrubbing. If you scrub and rub the fibres when they are wet you may damage the pile of the rug.

If you can see a stained area  or if you believe that the spilled liquid contained sugar then put some tepid water in a small spray bottle and spray the area sparingly and blot with a clean microfibre towel. It is important to remove all of the spilled liquid out of the rug, because if it dries the sugar become sticky and will attract dirt.

Dry the area as quickly as possible when you have finished.  Comb the pile in its natural direction to restore the fibres

Let the rug dry and examine it. If you still see staining then contact your rug care professional for more help. Try not to use supermarket carpet cleaning products on your oriental rug, they may cause damage.

Golden Rules For Dealing With a Spill or Spot on Your Oriental Rug

Do not panic! But be quick. Do not wait until the last guest has left your house and then start cleaning your rug! The majority of stains can be removed out of your rug or carpet if treated right after the spill.

Use white paper towels or a white towel or cloth. Do not use a coloured paper towels to remove a liquid stain, sometimes the colour passes through the towel to your rug.

Use a spoon to scoop the liquid or food off the carpet. If there is a lot of liquid or semi-solid (Jam) use a spoon and try to remove as much as possible but do not press down on the carpet!

Do NOT use a knife to remove anything out of your carpet. You could end up damaging the pile of the rug.

Never scrub or brush any stain out of your carpet. You will make it worst, you might even damage the structure of the carpet and risk the dyes running!

If you are using a stain remover, TEST it before trying it. We do not recommend commercial stain removers, but if you want to use it be cautious and always read the label. Test the stain removal in a very small section before applying it to a large area, they can sometimes permanently remove colour from your rug!