Sofa Cleaning Manchester Techniques

sofa cleaning manchester

 For specialist Furniture and Sofa Cleaning in the South Manchester area try  Deluxe,  Upholstery Cleaners  based in South Manchester. We focus exclusively on Upholstery Cleaning – all types of fabric furniture cleaning. We clean sofas, couches, sectional sofas, recliners, armchairs, dining chairs and office Chairs, footstools and ottomans.
Low Moisture Cleaning  we use a dry cleaning foam and apply it to the fabric of your furniture with a machine used only for cleaning furniture. We have many years of upholstery cleaning experience and efficiency. Our system originated in California and is used there today. If you are interested in our upholstery cleaning service Call us at 0161 768 0208 or email us at

The Deluxe system of Sofa Cleaning in Manchester

Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning has been designed for  convenient cleaning – to remove stains and soiling quickly and to do it without soaking the furniture
Same Day Drying –because Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning in Manchester uses only tiny amounts of water, your furniture will be ready to use the same day. We analyse and treat stains before we start the main cleaning and we ensure that the upholstery below the fabric surface stays dry. Upholstery Cleaning should not disrupt your family life!
Safe   Deluxe Sofa  Cleaning in Manchester is proud that we use green cleaning products to clean your furniture. The cleaning products are manufactured in America and used throughout the world and have been used for over sixty years. They have been studied extensively and shown to be perfectly safe for adults and children and pets.
Eco Friendly    Our products are not only safe for children and pets but they are safe for the environment. We have the Green Seal of approval for manufacturing 100% non toxic cleaning products. We do not have waste water , no drains are polluted .
No Residue Our Cleaning system removes stains and dirt from soiled furniture fabric — and because it particulates when it dries ( that is it crystallises into micro particles which encapsulate the dirt) we vacuum it away. Your furniture fabric is left dry, clean and fresh.
not sticky.
Our Low moisture soil extraction technology uses DryFoam –a dense dry foam that effectively suspends soil by emulsifying and holding it. The combination of millions of power bubbles with immediate extraction prevents soil from redepositing on fibers.

Zero Risk   Another advantage from Sofa Cleaning Manchester is the zero risk to your furniture. Our Low moisture method of fabric cleaning means that there is no possibility of dye run, soaking and shrinkage of furniture fabric, mildew or mould growth or rusting of metal parts or damage to wooden surrounds. Your furniture is safe in the experienced hands of Deluxe Dry Sofa Cleaning
Stays Cleaner Longer
Our specialist cleaning products contain a polymer barrier a dry non resoiling protectant that prevents oily, difficult to clean dirt from sticking to fabric fibers.