Runway Visitor Park in Altrincham

runway-visitor-park- altrincham
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

The Runway Visitor Park is a really exciting day out for the whole family
the Park is located at Sunbank Lane, Altrincham Manchester WA15 8XQ

Five aircraft are housed in the Runway Visitor Park at Manchester Airport, including the iconic Concorde G-BOAC. Other aircraft in the Park include Nimrod and the DC-10, Trident, and the AVRO JX.
It is a paradise for plane enthusiasts and a wonderful place for kids. Visitors arriving on foot, bicycle, or public transport can use the Park at no cost. However, parking is available at a charge. Everyone’s favorite part is getting into the pilot’s chair. Runway Visitor Park offers breathtaking views of both runways. You can either watch the A380 fly into Manchester or see the private jets taxiing for take-off.

Aircraft movements

The park’s aircraft commentary will be available every weekend at 11am. The park’s aircraft commentary system will be available every weekend at 11am. It includes information about planes landing or taking off, facts about airport, and quiz questions for children. Daily updates are made on what aircraft movements you can expect. You can find the link at

Concorde Tours

We are thrilled to offer Concorde tours both on weekends and weekdays. Our Concorde Classic, Technical, and Platinum tours have been redesigned over the past few months.

Concorde Classic Tour

It takes approximately 1 hour. This includes 30 minutes in cabin and a visit on the flight-deck. Parking is included at no cost.

Concorde Technical Tour

This tour allows you to take in Concorde’s amazing aviation engineering in greater detail. PS25pp – Parking is free

Concorde Platinum Tour

Experience Concorde. The tour includes a complete tour of the cabin and a walk under the wings of the G-BOAC Concorde. You can also enjoy a celebratory glass champagne or Orange Juice. Watch the famous nose droop and enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne or Orange Juice.

Junior Flyers Academy

Participants will be able to board the Concorde and take part in a role-play, as well as learning about the various job roles that ensure Manchester Airport is open 24/7. Some of these jobs may be displayed outside on the Runway.

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