Dry Upholstery Cleaning for All Furniture

Our dry furniture cleaning system is so easy and convenient …We control the moisture that we use to clean your furniture very carefully. We apply our encapsulent product to the the fabric of the furniture by misting the fabric, then we agitate the product into the fabric gently and thoroughly.
Our high-tech product dissolves the dirt and is sucked out of the fabric with our vacuum leaving the fabric completely clean.
Dirt, stains and soil are quickly removed and carried to a recovery chamber. Because the padding and cushions under the fabric are not soaked, your furniture dries very quickly the result is sparkling clean upholstery with no harmful overwetting

An Environmentally Responsible Cleaning System

Deluxe Upholstery Cleaning is environmentally responsible, our system uses very little water and no dirty waste water is generated or put into drains.  No water is wasted.
All the cleaning  products that we use  are biodegradable and contain no toxic, hazardous or regulated chemicals
Our products don’t  contain  volatile organics or any harmful indoor or outdoor environmental pollutants We use products that are free of heavy metals.
No toxic by-products are produced in our cleaning process

Our Process and Products

Our Process and Products are developed only for cleaning upholstery. We use an exclusive anti-resoil  upholstery cleaning product and a system that was developed in California.
Our cleaning product is not a detergent, it removes grime and dirt from soiled upholstery — and because  it particulates when dry(crystallises into tiny particles encapsulating the dirt) we can vacuum it away. No residue remains to become sticky – fabrics are left dry, clean and fresh.

The cleaning products we use contain a state of the art polymer barrier. This dry non resoiling protector prevents the oily, difficult to clean soil from reattaching to fibers. Our low moisture soil extraction technology uses encapsulent technology to give strong cleaning power with maximum convenience. The combination of powerful cleaning with immediate extraction prevents soil  from redepositing on fibers.

Rapid Dry For Maximum Convenience

Our furniture cleaning system has fast drying action— people don’t want  the inconvenience of a wet sofa or armchair that they cannot use for days, soaking a piece of furniture is bad for the upholstery as well.
Convenient furniture cleaning and rapid drying by the Deluxe cleaning  system means that furniture is cleaned and back in action the same day. We have found this to be one of the main advantages of our whole cleaning system, when we provide a cleaning process for furniture that is not only effective but convenient it makes the system customer friendly and easy to use