John Leigh Park in Altrincham

One of Altrinchams most popular parks


A short history

It has been used and appreciated by the local community for over 100 years. It covers approximately 14 acres and can be used for many different activities. Two formal playgrounds are available: one for infants with an aviary and another for older children. The gently undulating landscape is also home to a mature collection, which includes trees in groups and avenues. John Leigh Park used to be the Oldfield Hall Estate. It originally covered a larger area. From Elizabethan times until 1906, the Hall was rented out to tenants. It fell into disrepair when it was finally sold by the Grimbles-Groves family. The Earlof Stamford purchased the Hall and it was finally sold in 1915. The land was highly debated in local media at the time. It was deemed ideal for redevelopment as “Homes for Heroes” for soldiers returning from World War II. Recognizing the potential benefits to soldiers recovering at John Leigh Hospital, John Leigh, a wealthy cotton industrialist from the area, purchased the land for PS7,000. The land was to be given to Altrincham as an open park. The only condition he made was that the land be named ‘Leigh Park’ to honor his father, and maintained as an open space for all time.

For the people of Altrincham

It is a beautiful place that people of all ages love and actively use.
This area can be used to relax and play tennis, basketball, bowls and keep-fit. It also has a lot of opportunities for other sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, jogging and cross country running.

The Playgrounds

Two excellent playgrounds are available. One for infants includes an aviary that houses cockatiels and zebra finches. The other for older children is larger and was created to reflect the surrounding area and is based on the Bollin.
There are two play areas. There are two play areas for infants. One has a climbing frame and slide. The other area contains swings, animals on springs, roundabouts, swings, slides, see-saws, roundabouts, swings, and fun things like curved mirrors.
This play area also contains an aviary, where you can see zebra finches, cockatiels and budgerigars. They all love visitors!
The second playground is for older children and is designed around the idea of a river. It’s located in a wooded area that feels very natural in the parkland. There are many pieces for all ages, including a rope bridge and climbing nets.
To complement the park’s nature, the play area is dominated by timber. It also includes a new footpath that represents a river flowing through the space. Other landscape features, such as boulders, shrubs, and mounds, have been added to emphasize the river valley concept and encourage natural play.

Three new, tarmac tennis courts were completed in 2013, and are in great condition. They can be used free of charge and are divided into two courts, with one sharing the enclosure with the basketball/football court.


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