Hale Barns Altrincham


Hale Barns Altrincham

Hale Barns lies about 12 miles (19 km) south of Manchester centre and two miles west of Manchester Airport. The name of the settlement is probably as old as 7th or 8th century and the area was mostly used for agriculture; Hale grew during the medieval period to the point where Hale Barns was created as a separate settlement.

In medieval times, Hale Barns was originally an outlying area of the township of Hale and its name is derived from a tithe barn that used to stand on the site .  Hale Barns is another of the villages lying close to Altrincham that benefits from its beautiful  rural setting, yet it is only a 20 minute stroll from Altrincham and a half hour train ride into Manchester city centre. Hale Barns is also a mere two miles from Manchester Airport certainly in terms of transportation, living in Hale Barns the residents here seem to have the best of all worlds.

After its separation from Hale, the village of Hale Barns became increasingly prosperous and was transformed from an agricultural village to a post-industrial commuter settlement. In Victorian times Altrincham was considered to be a healthier and more pleasant residential area for wealthy merchants and factory owners. Nowadays the  charm of Hale Barns is in its rural roots.

 ‘The Square’ is the  economic centre of the village, it has undergone recent  redevelopment, and is home to the outstanding grocery store Booths with fresh counters, including a butcher, fishmonger, delicatessen, hot food and cheesemonger, as well as an attractive café serving a delicious range of hot food, drinks, cakes and snacks.

The well known and much respected Catholic boys’ grammar school, St Ambrose College, is located in Hale Barns and it is also home to Ringway golf club.

 Hale Barns also has a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) called Cotteril Clough , it is an area of  ancient and diverse woodland.  Cheshire woodlands that occur in narrow, steep-sided valleys  are known as ‘cloughs’ and  Cotterill Clough is one of the best examples of this ancient type of woodland, it is located to the west of Manchester Airport and  this is one of the oldest nature reserves in Cheshire. The site comprises part of a ravine, or clough, cut into the Keuper Marl by the erosion of the Cotteril Brook. The majority of the site is woodland with associated stream habitat and is the most diverse clough woodland on base rich soils in Greater Manchester The Cotterill Brook, which flows through the clough, is a tributary of the River Bollin.  Unfortunately due at the moment the Cotteril Clough is closed to visitors

The Bulls Head in Hale Barns is a stylish pub with excellent food, a garden and has accommodation also .21 rooms, ideal for travellers, business visitors or families on holiday.

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