Dry carpet cleaning

Of  all the advantages to  professional dry carpet cleaning, the most obvious is probably  the convenience ….. No wet mess and no drying time.  A  dry cleaned carpets is dry and ready to use in minutes not hours.

Dry carpet cleaning stockport “Does dry carpet cleaning really work?”  this is the question that we are asked up to a dozen times every day

Other questions include:

  • Does dry carpet cleaning really clean the dirt out of the carpet?
  • Does it do a deep cleaning?
  • Will the stains come back?
  •  How long will the carpet stay clean?

Traditional wet carpet cleaning methods

are easy to understand, the carpet is “washed “ and then a  vacuum is used to suck out as much dirty water as possible. Then the carpet is left to dry. Furniture has to be removed prior to the cleaning or it wil be damaged by the water and the carpet may take a fai rly long time to dry depending on how powerful the vacuum and the weather and humidity.

Dry Carpet Cleaning 

is a comparatively recent concept and is becoming extremely popular as more carpet cleaning companies and their customers realise the advantages.

What are the advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning and where is the proof that it is better than traditional wet carpet cleaning methods

Here is the hard evidence that dry carpet cleaning is better…

A study was made in Florida in 2009. The Pasco school district compared 5 different carpet cleaning methods on the carpets in their schools. The school district wanted carpeting because of the health benefits but was unhappy with the existing carpet cleaning method. The study was run for 4 weeks and examined

  •  the cost,
  •  the advantages/ disadvantages of the cleaning methods,
  • the time and resources involved, the ease of each method
  •  the contribution to I. A. Q. ( indoor air quality )

The results were presented at the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists International Conference 2009     See complete research results HERE

The Carpet Cleanings were carried out by a manufacturer representative and compared  3 wet carpet cleaning methods and 2 dry carpet cleaning methods.

The Results

At the end of the four week trial period, the Pasco School System  that the dry carpet cleaning method  was the best cleaning method for their schools.

  • The dry carpet cleaning method was cheaper
  • There was no drying time, the carpeted area was available for use immediately
  • It took very little time to implement
  • It required few resources
  • There was a positive contribution to IAQ ( indoor air quality)
  • It was easy to operate and to train personnel in the method.

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Using this dry carpet cleaning system the school district was able to restore its 10 year old vinyl backed, nylon carpet. The cleaned carpets approached like-new appearance levels.

The adoption of dry carpet cleaning meant that the school district could keep the existing carpet and eliminate replacement costs for an alternative floor covering.

Edward Flicker was the custodial services coordinator at Pasco School District, he had this to say about the results of the study ….

“Carpet is the primary floor covering in 45 schools throughout our school system Inadequate maintenance practices resulted in compromises to the appearance of the carpet, downtime, training and budget. With the results from this study, we have been able to find the best floor surface covering and maintenance program to fit our needs.”

The conclusions of this study are just as relevant for today’s homeowner as they were for Pasco School District..  

Dry carpet Cleaning has major advantages over traditional carpet cleaning :


A carpet that is dry cleaned is ready to use immediately


manchester dry carpet cleaningthere is no waiting and no down time. The carpet can be used even whilst it is being cleaned, it can be walked on, there are no fumes or chemical smells and no wet mess.


Best Manchester carpet cleaning serviceStains and spots are removed and will not return. There is no “ wick back” effect with dry carpet cleaning. The carpet is clean and dry when we leave and there are no nasty surprises later on.


Because the system is dry cleaning , there is no risk of damage to your furniture or hardwood floors. There is no possibility of rust stains, dye run or colour fading. There is no risk of mildew or mould growth and no nasty musty smells.

Organic Carpet  cleaning

 Dry Carpet cleaning service in manchesterDeluxe Dry Carpet system is 99.99% organic. We have no hazardous ingredients in our cleaning solution and no solvents. Our carpet cleaning is safe for babies, toddlers, pregnant mums and pets including birds.

Allergy Friendly

 dry carpet cleaning and mites

Our cleaning system is very low moisture. It can reduce the numbers of dustmites that reside in your carpets. Dustmites and dustmite particles are known to trigger allergies and allergic responses. Our cleaning removes dustmites and particles and the lack of moisture reduces their breeding opportunities. Dry carpet cleaning has been shown to reduce dustmite populations in carpets for up to 6 months. click here to find out more about dry carpet cleaning and allergies

Deluxe Dry Carpet cleaning can clean and rejuvenate your carpet 0161 768 0208             Call for your appointment today.

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