Dry carpet cleaning is allergy friendly and  can drastically reduce the allergens in your carpet

Research studies have shown that after a single dry carpet cleaning there were:

78% less dust mites

85% less cat dander

85% fewer mould spores


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Allergens such as dust mite particles, pet dander , pollen and mould spores trigger allergy symptoms. They are very tiny and exist in the air in your home, eventually they fall to the floor or carpet where they remain until disturbed …. Usually by a vacuum cleaner .Dry carpet cleaning is allergy friendly and if you use a vacuum that has a HEPA system at home this removes the particles from the carpet and the air expelled is filtered to trap these allergens.


Carpeting can be just as effective as hard flooring in allergy control IF IT IS REGULARLY CLEANED. The carpet fibres or pile capture and hold all the particles from the air including dust, soil and allergens. They are not harmful unless released into the air and breathed in. This can be prevented by using a HEPA vacuum and by regular dry carpet cleaning.

    Dry carpet cleaning is allergy friendly and the easiest way to

·         Clean your carpet

·         Improve the IAQ ( indoor air quality ) of your home

·         Reduce the common allergens that can trigger allergy symptoms

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A Single Dry Carpet Cleaning Can reduce Dust Mites by 78% and Dust Mite Allergen by 75%

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25 homes in Wisconsin were studied to examine the effect of dry carpet cleaning on dust mite populations.  The results were conclusive … just one cleaning reduced the dustmites by nearly 80% . Another study of 63 carpets in homes in Wisconsin and Georgia  showed that the day after dry carpet cleaning the numbers of dustmites had been reduced by 75%. This research was presented at  the Seventh International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and the Environment in Helsinki, Finland.

Bates J.M., Albright D.A., and Weeks V.B., “Removal of Cat Allergen and Mold Spores from Carpet Dust in Family Homes by Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning”, Racine Industries Inc., 7th International IAQ conferesnce, Nagoya, Japan. 22nd July 1996.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Dramatically Reduces Cat Allergens in Carpet

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Pet allergies are very common. Symptoms include sneezing, watering and swelling eyes, and flu like symptoms. Cat allergens are one of the major indoor allergens to which people are sensitive. Homes, that had a pet cat in residence for at least one year were examined for cat allergens, mainly dander but fur and saliva also.

The results of the study showed that cat allergens ( hair saliva and dander) can be reduced by 85% by a single dry carpet cleaning and by even more with a second cleaning.

.This study was presented at the Seventh International IAQ Conference in Nagoya, Japan, July 1996.

Mould Spores Dramatically Reduced with One Dry Carpet Cleaning

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Mold spores have been found to trigger respiratory allergies including asthma. They are airborne and are so are transported very easily on air currents to be deposited throughout a home.  All areas of mould or mildew in a home should be treated quickly because it spreads very quickly. Mould spores exist almost everywhere

IAQ research on mould spores in carpets in homes in Wisconsin and Georgia were shown to be decreased by one dry carpet cleaning session.In Georgia the spores were reduced by 85% ( humid climate) and in Wisconsin  ( temperate climate) the mould spores were reduced by 94%

This study was presented at the Seventh International IAQ Conference in Nagoya, Japan, July 1996.

How Can You Improve the IAQ in Your Home?

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  1. Don’t let leaks from roofs or pipes drag on, get them fixed quickly.
  2. Prevent condensation with moisture traps and dehumidifiers
  3. Open windows when your can and ventilate /fresh air
  4. Don’t dry clothes on home radiators, use a vented tumble dryer
  5. Use only low odour VOC paints, adhesives and cleaning products.
  6. Control dust; switch to treated dusting cloths.
  7. Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner that can trap particles larger than 0.1 micron. Use a HEPA vacuum bag. Dust may be redistributed if a dirty or faulty bag is used.
  8. Use Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning  for carpet care and maintenance.

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