Denzell Gardens in Altrincham

Denzell Gardens in Altrincham
Denzell Gardens Altrincham


Denzell Gardens

Denzell Gardens stands on what was once a couple of homes it is a beautiful  wooded landscape with many interesting features within the grounds.  The gardens contain the Hardman Arboretum, named in honor of Altrincham Council’s Arboricultural Officer who died in 1980. It is one of the most popular parks in Altrincham and town residents enjoy its beautiful walks, specimen trees, a sunken garden and tennis courts. every day of the year.
Denzell Gardens has been granted Green Flag status for many years. They also received ‘Outstanding” in the Britain in Bloom awards. They have hosted events like the Poetry Picnic, Book Festival and Dog Day in the past.

Denzell Gardens today are a beautiful and pleasant place to stroll around. For a period of about 10 years between 1980 and the late nineties the gardens were sadly neglected until the Friends’ Group was formed in order to restore The Devisdale and Denzell Gardens. Happily a group of garden volunteers continues to work on the restoration today.

The Lych Gate Area

The Lych Gate entrance can be found at the end Green Walk. It leads to a rockery area filled with wild flowers and ferns.

The Sunken Garden

Committee members initiated the restoration of the sunken garden garden. It was funded with a Lottery Fund Grant and similar funding from The Devisdale’s funds. It was a huge  task and took a great many years involving many dedicated supporters. 
The committee and garden designers Chris Baker, Shirley Fidler opened this Altrincham garden in the summer of 2009. The garden is vibrant and elegant, and features a great collection of rare and native plant species that provide year-round interest.

The Ornamental Pond

Underground pipes and reservoirs collect storm water from the courtyard and house, and maintain the water level in the pond.A number of ornamental Cherries are found around the pond, as well as a Lawson Cypress. This is a great place to relax and sit on the benches surrounding the ornamental pool.
It is hoped that funding will one day be available to restore the pond back to its former glory.

The Trees of Denzell

Victorian times saw an increase in plant hunting as botanists traveled the globe to discover exotic plants that they could bring home. This was often at great personal risk. These plants ended up in the private gardens of wealthy collectors or botanical gardens.

Denzell has a number significant trees that were planted in the 1970s when plant hunters brought back exotic specimens from all over the globe. These are not necessarily rare, but they do have some of the most unusual. The garden volunteer group hopes to have identification plaques placed on these trees. Contact the Garden volunteers group if you have any questions.

Examples of Denzell gardens include Holm Oak, American Lime and Katsura tree. Strawberry tree, Snowdrop Tree, Strawberry tree, Tulip tree and Strawberry tree. Handkerchief tree. Golden Ash, Mongolian Pine, Euchryphia and Red Horse Chestnut.

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