Carpet Secrets from Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning and upholstery service

Many of our customers ask us .. how do we keep our carpets and upholstery looking great in between professional carpet and furniture cleanings? A spotless carpet is a thing of joy! but if you have children or pets or both or if you love entertaining , the spots and stains add up and over time your carpet begins to look grubby and depressing.

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Service have some key tips for keeping your carpet looking spotless and preserving that beautiful ” just cleaned look

1. Get A Stain Basket

If you have a stain basket prepared and ready to go, its easy to tackle stains and spots quickly . The quicker you can treat any stain the easier it is and the less time it takes.

A stain basket can be any container (a plastic bucket, basket or  box) in which you keep all your stain cleaning gear.

Items To Keep in Your Stain Basket :

A stack of clean cloths or microfibre towels

2 small spray bottles

Vax Carpet Cleaning solution or Bissell Carpet Cleaning solution

Hydrogen Peroxide

Non – acetone nail polish remover

Hair spray

K2R Stain Remover Spray

Q Tips

An old knife or an old credit card

Have enough  cloths in your basket to still have plenty when dirty ones are in the wash.

Replace your supplies as they run out or if you borrow them ( hair spray, nail polish remover)

You can add any other supplies you need E.g. a favourite cleaning agent. The idea is simply to have everything you need in one place so that you can deal efficiently with everyday spills and stains.

2. Do Not Use Detergents To Clean Carpet Stains

There is a great deal of information online about stain removal but not all of it is accurate. As professional carpet cleaners we see carpets every day where stains  have been removed only to return a few weeks later. The new stain is much bigger and more visible than the original! This is the result of using a detergent to try to clean the carpet stain.

Unlike an item of clothing a carpet cannot be rinsed and if you use any kind of detergent ( laundry detergent or washing up liquid  or soap) it will leave a residue in the carpet that cannot be removed and when dry will become tacky and attract dirt. The area that was cleaned now becomes more dirty than the surrounding carpet.

Tepid water is usually enough to remove most water soluble stains but if you want to use a cleaner then we suggest a cleaner specifically made for carpets, such as Vax or Bissell. These cleaners do not need to be rinsed out of the carpet and will not leave a residue . Make a weak solution to the manufacturers recommendation and keep it in one of your spray bottles. Keep clean tepid water in the other and always use the water to finish your stain removing.                                                      You will get a much better result .

to read more about carpet stains and how to remove them safely click here

3.Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning by  Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning

At least once a year we recommend you  have your carpets cleaned professionally.  Dry carpet cleaning restores and rejuvenates your carpets so that they keep their beauty and wear longer. Call us at 0161 768 0208 to make an appointment