Is Berber  or A Pile Carpet Better for Your Home?

Thinking of changing your carpet? How do you decide what kind of carpet to buy for your home?
A guide to choosing the best carpet for your home from Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Service 

The 2 Main Carpet Types are Berber and Pile
Berber is the name given to a carpet that has a looped weave. The fibre is not cut, one long strand of carpet fibre is woven in and out of the carpet backing.
Pile is probably the best known and the best-selling type of carpet is cut pile. The carpet fibres are cut at the top to a smooth pile with yarn fibres standing straight. The familiar soft cut pile carpet, created by individual carpet fibres.
Each carpet type has dozens of variations and some carpets combine both types.
So which carpet type should you choose and why ? When is berber better and when is pile the best choice? There are some characteristics of each kind of carpet that you should keep in mind when making the choice for your home

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Carpet for Heavy Traffic Areas
Berber is Better

1. Economical – one of the most affordable carpet styles . Can be pure wool or a mix of synthetics
2. Durablity – one of the hardest wearing carpet types. Has a much longer life span than most carpets. Doesn’t show wear quickly because of the inbuilt resilience from the looped design. The carpet of choice for offices because of its hard wearing properties. For high traffic areas and day to day use a Berber carpet can be a great choice. The individual fibres can be thin or thick , the thicker the yarn the stronger the loop and the sturdier the carpet.
3. Comfortable – Berber has a built in cushioning from its looped structure, air is trapped within the loops and that makes it a very comfortable underfoot.
4. Soundproofs the room – noise is absorbed by a carpet. Your room is quietend and warmed because of the absorbing properties.
5. Hypo- allergenic? Berber has a reputation as allergy friendly because the looped weave structure traps dust dander, pollen and dustmite particles easily, thus keeping them out of the air.
6. Berber has a reputation for natural stain resistance because of the tight looped weave it is easier to mop up a spill and it is more difficult for a stain to penetrate the carpet fibres.
Possible Berber Disadvantages
1. Snags can cause a run in carpet. Care with pets claws, childrens toys
2. Dust and dander, pollen and dustmite particles that are trapped in the carpet loops can be difficult to remove a vacuum with strong suction is required to clean berber. It should be vacuumed frequently.
3. Do not use a beater bar on the vacuum. It can cause snags to the loops and create runs in the carpet.

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