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Category Archives: Stain Cleaning

How to clean everyday carpet stains, the right way. How to remove mystery carpet stains and carpet stains that keep coming back. How to clean simple and composite stains.

Bury carpet cleaning care

Professional techniques to use at home. How to remove carpet stains safely without causing any damage to your expensive carpets.Learn the most efficient stain removal methods that really work!

Carpet Cleaning Stockport

There are some carpet stains that keep coming back. Why? Have you ever had this problem? Read how you can fix that stain forever and you don’t have to waste any more time on it!

carpet wine stain

Don’t let that wine stain be the party-pooper! When red wine stains your carpet there is no need to panic — Our article on the best way to remove wine stains will ensure you enjoy entertaining even if there is a spill or two! Find out the fail – safe way to banish wine stains forever!

carpet coffee stain

The most common stain on any carpet! Do you know how to deal with it? It’s easy to make things worse if you use the wrong technique or the wrong cleaner.
We tried 7 different stain removers to find what worked best to remove tea and coffee stains!
See which were good and which were rubbish and which one was our top performer!

Carpet Cleaning News and Tips

In Between professional carpet cleanings, you can apply lots of these tips to help keep your carpet looking fabulous.