manchester carpet cleaning care

Learn How to  Care For Your New Carpet

manchester carpet cleaning care

Lots of people buy a new carpet in the New Year. They have survived Christmas and the party season with their old carpet and now its time to invest in a lovely replacement. New carpet cleaning care is not difficult  but accidents can happen and it is scary  if you discover a stain or mark on your new carpet and don’t know what to do….These helpful tips are brought to you by Deluxe Dry carpet Cleaning Service for Greater Manchester

Protect Your Carpet

You would not believe how many customers we have who call us about a mark or stain on their new carpet . Prevention is key to  new carpet carpet cleaning care

Keep off-cuts of your new carpet and use them in the first few weeks to protect your carpet from any marks or accidental spills.

If you are having new furniture delivered, the delivery men will not remove their shoes — give them shoe covers for their shoes or put down an old sheet or a dust sheet for them to walk on. If they are delivering a large item in a box ( such as a mirror ) ask them to un box the item outside, that box may have been standing  on  a dirty  floor

stockport carpet cleaning careMake Doormats A Priority

  • Its important to have a doormat for each outside door. Put it outside and have one inside as well.
  • Use a weather proof  doormat outside.
  • Synthetic fibre mats are more durable, they stand up to wear and tear and do not degrade if they are wet for long periods
  • Weather proof mats are designed to remove and trap moisture and dirt.
  • 80% of the dirt on indoor carpets is brought in on shoes and you can prevent this by using door mats
  •  Door mats saves your carpet from wear and tear and will save your time cleaning!

If your carpet is  accidentally marked or stained by a delivery , call the delivery company and tell them…. They are insured and will often offer to pay to have it professionally cleaned for you.

If you want to tackle the stain yourself – see stain removal  instructions below.

If you want to call a professional  carpet cleaning company Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning deals with one- off stain removal. 0161 768 0208

altrincham carpet cleaning careShoes Off At The Door

  • A new carpet is the perfect time to introduce a “ Shoes Off At the Door “ Rule.
  • Door mats can’t trap all the dirt on people’s shoes.
  • Dirt and germs are brought into your home and deposited on your carpet from the soles of your shoes.
  • Put up a gentle reminder  to persuade family and friends to take off their shoes when they come in
  • Put  a basket at your doorway to keep shoes in one place.

New Carpet Cleaning Care

Pilling can appear on a new  carpet if it is made of mixed fibres. If this should happen it is just a feature of a new carpet and can be solved by carefully snipping the pills off with a pair of nail scissors.

Shedding  All new carpets will shed. If the pile is loose and long there will be more shedding than if the pile is tight and short. The amount of shedding on a new carpet can be alarming and fill up the vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry. Shedding will stop soon.

Bolton carpet cleaning careVacuuming 

  • Vacuum your new carpet regularly and often, at least twice a week for the first few weeks after installation.
  • When your carpet is brand new vacuuming removes the shedding pile and is a key factor in  new carpet cleaning care
  • Use the vacuum that is appropriate for your new carpet …
  • To clean cut pile carpets  vacuum with an upright machine with a beater bar and brush, adjust the height of the beater bar to match the pile height.
  • Loop pile carpets can be damaged by a beater bar. Instead, use a canister or cylinder vacuum and only use the suction head.
  • Vacuuming lifts the pile and prevents flattening especially in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.
  • Maintain your vacuum properly or you are wasting your time and efforts.
  • Empty the bag or dust container often. Even a half full bag impacts your vacuum’s suction power.
  • Check that the filter is not clogged and wash it ( if washable ) or replace it frequently.
  • Invest in a pet vacuum if you have pets. They are designed to pick up hair and fur.
  • Always dust before you vacuum your carpet, pick up as much stuff from the floor as you can before you start and lift small pieces of furniture and chairs out of your way so you don’t have to stop  and start.
  • Vacuum slowly. Take your time when you vacuum , slow strokes collect more dirt and overlap your strokes as you cover the carpet.

How To Clean a Shag or Long pile Rug

Stains and Spots

No matter how diligent  your new carpet cleaning care , everyday spots and stains will start to appear. Most of these stains can be dealt with easily and can removed completely.

Bury carpet cleaning care General Tips for stain removal

  • Act quickly – the sooner you tackle a stain the more likely it is to be removed completely
  • Never rub or scrub a stain or spill, you might damage the carpet fibre . Always blot and press
  • Use clean dry cloths and water from a spray bottle to start
  • Work from the edge of the stain towards the centre
  • Be patient and apply less cleaning product than you think you need.
  • Test a new cleaning product on a hidden part of the carpet or on an off-cut before you put it on the stain

Deluxe Dry Carpet cleaning is the best way to clean your carpets. We recommend professional cleaning for your carpets every 1-2 years or more often if you have a busy lifestyle, if you have children or pets

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