Bowdon Altrincham

Bowdon Altrincham
Bowdon church Altrincham

Bowdon in Altrincham

A stroll through Bowdon’s leafy roads,  with  townhouses, cottages and mansions and their gardens in flower, certainly shows why  Bowdon is often called the Hampstead of the north. Only a mile from the shops and restaurants of bustling Hale and Altrincham and well within walking distance Bowdon is a much quieter village of Altrincham and it is one of the most desirable residential districts in Cheshire. The Bowdon streets are a lovely place to take a walk, plenty of trees and gardens to look at, it is peaceful here with the odd dog walker but not busy and definitely not crowded. There is a  privacy about Bowdon that the residents appreciate and protect.  Bowdon is growing as a destination for both visitors and would be residents, partly because of its excellent transportation connections by rail and road to Manchester, Chester and cities around the UK plus its proximity to Manchester airport, great schools and kindergardens and nursery schools and shopping in nearby Altrincham.

 On the Stamford Road side of Bowdon there’s a village green  where a handful of shops and businesses cluster around a pretty parish church and local pub.
Sport in Bowdon
Sport is well represented in Bowdon, the Bowdon Hockey club is an example of a local club that has flourished and has its fair shar of elite team GB players such as Sam Quek, Brendan Creed, Amy Tennant and Alistair Bryden, the club is now over 150 years old and is very proactive in terms of networking and putting coaches in schools.
The Griffin pub in Bowdon
The Griffin is the local “pub restaurant “ in Bowdon, originally the building was probably a farmhouse and it has a garden attached. There is plenty of seating and tables and it is popular with a wide range of age groups, visitors and walkers.

 Schools in Bowdon
Altrincham Grammar school for boys is located in Bowdon – one of many schools in the Altrincham area that has an excellent academic  and sporting reputation. Other schools located in Bowdon are Altrincham Grammar School for Girls,   Bowdon Preparatory school for Girls  with approximately 1300 students from ages 11 to 18 and Loreto School for Girls with just over a thousand pupils.


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