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Bolton – A Town for Families


The Bolton Gallery, the Bolton Museum and the Bolton Aquarium are excellent places to visit. It is possible to discover  the history of Bolton, see world class  art collections and interesting specimens of plant as well as wildlife from around the globe. Hall i’ th’ Wood is a preserved  original Tudor home, where the spindle device that changed Bolton’s fabric manufacturing was generated. Smithills Hall and also Park is a 2000-acre estate on which a well-preserved estate sits. The estate was initially built in the 14th century and is the focus of thousands of visitors every year.

Ultimately, for the nature  lover, Bolton offers more than 3000 acres of park and woodland. Bolton parks are spread across the city and offer a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. Among the sporting activities facilities, play grounds and also open spaces, the Bolton Parks and Recreations Division  provides beautiful  memorial gardens as well as natural paths for walking and hiking .

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