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Cleaning the occasional spot or stain on your carpet is part of owning a carpet but many home owners do not recognise how important it is to have regular carpet cleaning by a professional company. Every carpet accumulates dirt over time, soil and dust from the air and from the soles of slippers and socks and definitely from the soles of shoes. Traffic lines build up on a carpet at the doorway and in front of the sofa or armchairs. To remove this kind of soil on a carpet takes specialist equipment and professional cleaning products. Regular carpet cleaning can restore your carpet’s beauty and lift the pile, spots and stairs and traffic dirt is removed and your carpet will last for many more years.

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Owning an oriental rug or fine quality is the same as owning an heirloom  and with the proper care and maintenance  will allow it to be passed on to many generations after yours. Rugs are fragile and are not to  be cleaned like regular carpets. Use gentle methods like a broom to clean them in the home and rotate it for even wear. Ask a rug cleaning service for information on how often your heirloom should be cleaned and what methods you should use to maintain it in the home. Their services and useful information will help you take care of this precious work of art so that your children may enjoy it as much as you have done

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No matter how well you take care of your quality furniture it will become soiled over time. Professional upholstery cleaning can remove the stubborn stains. Whether it’s crayon marks or a stubborn wine stain, no one wants marks on their furniture. You may have tried to remove these stains on your own, but without success. However, hiring an upholstery cleaning professional could help. Cleaning professionals have special cleaning techniques and tools that they can use to remove stains and marks from your furniture. Upholstery cleaning can return a dirty piece of furniture it  a beautiful condition.

Marple SK6

Marple or Merpel as it was first named came from the old English name  maere pill “The stream at the boundary”. Marple was a tiny hamlet of agricultural workers,  the male villagers were mainly small farmers with the wives working in the home either in linen weaving or hatting. Although there had been cotton manufacturers in the district before him, it was the coming of Samuel Oldknow to Mellor in 1790 that transformed the district. Not only did he establish his Mill by the River Goyt, he also sank coal mines, built houses for his workers, made roads, was instrumental in the construction of the Peak Forest and Macclesfield Canals and rebuilt All Saints Church.

In 1797 Oldknow built the Lime Kilns, the picturesque ruins along the Strines Road. He introduced modern agricultural methods to the district and the legacy of his tree planting can be enjoyed today. Tannin from the many Aspen trees planted by him was used in the leather industry which he also introduced into the area. The Canals, the highest in England, did much to help Marple’s growth and during the construction to aid road communications Samuel Oldknow built Posset Bridge – so called because the workmen engaged on it were given ale possets for breakfast to expedite its completion.

When in 1865 the railway came to the area, the canal system lost much of its commercial usage. After a period of decline during which the canal and lock systems fell into a state of considerable disrepair, public interest in leisure canal cruising compelled reconstruction of the waterways so that now it is possible to link up with the National Waterways system from Marple to London in the South and Llangollen in Wales.

In the latter part of the 19th century, the town prospered due to the Cotton Industry. In 1936 the Urban District then part of Cheshire, was extended to include the Parish of Ludworth and Mellor, which was formerly in Derbyshire. The advent of frequent bus services in 1923 and rail services led to the growth of Marple as a residential area and with the decline of the cotton industry it is now mainly a dormitory town.

Marple SK6