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Your carpet is one of the most expensive investments you made in your home but it is also one of the most neglected. Every day that you own it, your carpet becomes more soiled but it is often years before it is cleaned and then it is often so dirty that it cannot be restored to pristine. It is a great idea to clean your carpets regularly- once a year is ideal to keep them looking pristine and to lengthen their useful life. It is economically efficient to have carpets cleaned every year rather than have to replace them because they have been neglected. Regular carpet cleaning will ensure that a carpet looks good and enhances your home and that it has a long and useful life

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Fine area rugs are often a stunning statement in your home as a floor covering. Their striking colours offer an elegant and sophisticated alternative. Many spend a lot of money on this home investment and they are often treasured heirlooms, passed down in generations as they are deeply cared for items.

Rug cleaning by an expert Rug Spa is  not only for its appearance but to prolong the life of the rug. Regular cleaning of your rug will ensure that dirt and debris are kept to a minimum; however it is inevitable that your oriental rug will suffer from daily wear and will require cleaning.

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Instead of replacing a worn , stained or tired looking sofa have you thought of calling a professional upholstery cleaner? The difference that a clean sofa or chair makes to your home when it is professionally cleaned is often incredible.  A soiled or stained armchair is an eyesore and it is almost impossible to avoid. Furniture daily along with our children, cats and dogs, there is no wonder why our household upholstery items quickly become grimy.Your living room furniture deserves to look its best and the simplest way to ensure that is by scheduled professional cleaning. The professionals have the training and equipment to clean furniture quickly and modern furniture cleaning ensures fast drying too. It is affordable and convenient.

Handforth SK9
The oldest building in Handforth is the Tudor ‘Honford Hall,’ a Grade II listed structure, built in 1562 by Sir Urian Brereton.   The railway came to Handforth in 1841, created  by the Manchester & Birmingham Railway Company.  From this time the population of Handforth slowly started to grow.  World War I saw a massive, if temporary increase in the population of the village with the opening of Handforth Internee Camp, housing both civilian and military prisoners of war.

The interwar years witnessed an increase in the number of dwellings in the village and the opening of Meriton Road Park.  But it was World War II that brought even more development to the area. In 1939 RAF Handforth (61 MU), a maintenance and stores unit was established.  This air force base was spread over several sites in Handforth, Cheadle Hulme and Woodford.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s thousands of new homes were built in Handforth.   To serve this increase in population new schools, shops, a public house and church were built.   In the early 1990s a bypass was constructed to relieve traffic congestion in the village.  At the same time a new retail area Handforth Dean was built.  The effect of this is that Handforth now has two centres, the original village and an out of town retail complex.
Handforth SK9