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Bramhall SK7

The area around Bramall Hall is known as Bramhall, the Hall  is spelt without the ‘h’ and the town is spelled with an h.  In the Doomsday book the manor of Bramall is called Bramale, a name which comes from the old English words ‘brom’ meaning broom and ‘halh’ meaning secret place, generally near water. The current name was chosen as the spelling closest to this Doomsday version. It was favoured both by the Hall’s Victorian owner. Charles Nevill, and by Hazel Grove and Bramhall Urban District Council who took over the Hall in 1935.

The park provides a beautiful landscape setting for Bramall Hall. The house is set in 70 acres of parkland, which have been landscaped in the style of Capability Brown. the park features two lakes, woodland walks and gardens. Today, few clues to the park’s ancient history remain. In Saxon times, it formed part of the land held as two manors.

The centre of the village was first at Bramhall Green, at the gates of Bramall Hall. Here was situated the only mill in Bramhall  and the very  last miller left in 1800. The first school in Bramhall was situated at the Green and was opened in 1741 by Warren Davenport. By 1819 it had been converted to cottages.

The pinfold, a black smith, a tailors shop and an Inn called the ‘Shoulder of Mutton” were alongside several houses. The village stocks are now kept at Bramall Hall.

In 1845 the Macclesfield branch of the Manchester and Birmingham railway opened, connecting Bramhall on a direct line to Manchester. The effect of this was to move the centre of the village to it’s present position near the station, about one mile away from Bramhall Green and to change Bramhall into a more expensive residential area. This caused the population to increase from 1033 in 1801 to 3365 in 1891.

Bramhall has continued to grow rapidly, the population increasing by ten fold in 90 years. This was due to large housing estates being built on what was once farmland in order to attract people to the area.

Bramhall SK7