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Withington M20

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Withington M20

Withington was among the territories of the old parish of Manchester and the manor house of Withington was  Hough End Hall built by Sir Nicholas Mosley in 1596.The original middle ages mansion house was located  south-east of the existing  junction of Mauldeth Road West and  Princess Road, and it  was surrounded by a moat.

Not only Withington was absorbed  into the City of Manchester in 1904, the three neighbouring  wards of Didsbury, Fallowfield, and  Withington became part of Manchester city but preserved their  own identities and  are currently seen as distinct areas. The larger homes in these areas are no longer family homes for the most part and most of these houses have been made into apartments and sold or rented. There is also a very large number of student flats that are rented in all three areas.

The origin of Withington’s name  may have come from the word  withes or willows so it is possible that  the area was located  in a damp marshy place that was  covered in willow trees.

The original manor house at  Withington covered a huge location in  the thirteenth century the estate consisted  of  the existing towns of Burnage, Chorlton, Rusholme, Fallowfield, Moss Side and  Levenshulme and also Denton and Haughton.

A new manor house called Hough End Hall was built for the owner Nicholas Mosley in 1596 and that  building still stands today. In the 1700’s the house  was purchased by  the Egerton family and  was governed by a Court Leet which satisfied in the Red Lion until 1841.

The town grew around Withington  Green no longer in existence but  which stretched from in front of the Christie  cancer Hospital to the existing Burton Road .

In 1752 the main road was turned into a turnpike and  the village of Withington was now  on the main road leading  right into Manchester. It was claimed that this road to Manchester was one of the best in the country at the time  was of such high quality that the London coach  was commonly seen in the area.

In 1774 there were still only about  70 home in the area, it was becoming less of a village and just a dwelling area around the main road to Manchester. Even in  the early 19th century Withington was still a farming location, with a population  of around 400, most of them labourers working on the  farms that extended from the Key Road right into Cheshire.

The population  started to expand at the same time as the other areas surrounding Manchester became important as commuter residences and the price of properties rose as a result. The area of Withington is still an important commuting town and one of the very first housing estates  the Albert Park Estate was built here  in  the 1860’s to create affordable housing for people who want to work in Manchester.

Withington M20