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Dirt on a carpet not only spoils the appearance but it  wears the fibres much faster. A regular cleaning ensures your carpet will last much longer which is so much better than the expense of replacing your sofa or chairs. Cleaning your carpets keeps the air in your home fresher, carpet is designed to capture tiny particles of dust and dirt and allergens that can trigger allergy attacks so it is important to have your carpets regularly cleaned for your health and the health of your family.

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Having your rugs  professionally cleaned  is not expensive and ensures the best care for your floor coverings.. An Oriental rug cleaning company has the most experience with these very fragile floor coverings. Not all equipment and cleaning solutions are appropriate for these types of rugs. Using the wrong ones could result in  damage.

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Dirt, oil, grease and dust builds up and soil your upholstery. Regularly vacuuming is necessary to avoid hard stains as when upholstered furnishings become dirty, they can also become a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, and allergens. Most furniture manufacturers recommend that upholstery should be professionally cleaned every year.

Prestwich M25

The town of Prestwich lies close to the River Irwell, and  3.3 miles north of Manchester city centre Prestwich’s very early history is marked by its  as the seat of the ancient church of Prestwich- The Church of St Mary the Virgin– a Grade 1 listed  building – has been the centre of the area for centuries.

The earliest community of Prestwich was located around Bury New Road and this is what  is referred to as “Prestwich Town”. There is a large Jewish community  in Prestwich and  in the neighboring area of Whitefield, as well as sections of Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall, parts of the City of Manchester, which develop the second-largest Jewish community  in the United Kingdom

Prestwich has a vast range of traditional and also supermarket shops. Jewish-owned stores give Prestwich a certain distinction. Prestwich is now thought about to be an upscale area as well as has actually been called the “Didsbury” of North Manchester”

The railways arrived  in Prestwich in 1879. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway acquired an Act of Parliament for a line from Manchester to Radcliffe in 1872 and  in 1876 started construction of   a line to connect Cheetham Hill, Crumpsall, Heaton Park, Prestwich and Whitefield. A railway tunnel was constructed at Heaton Park. In 1916 the line was converted to electricity  and  operated until its closure in August 1991 It was reopened as the Manchester Metrolink in April 1992.

Prestwich is served by four tram stations on the Metrolink line from Manchester to Bury, at Besses o’ th’ Barn on the Whitefield border to the north, Prestwich in the centre of the village, Heaton Park in the centre-east as well as Bowker Vale on the Blackley boundary to the south-east.

Prestwich M25