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Cleaning the occasional spot or stain on your carpet is part of owning a carpet but many home owners do not recognise how important it is to have regular carpet cleaning by a professional company. Every carpet accumulates dirt over time, soil and dust from the air and from the soles of slippers and socks and definitely from the soles of shoes. Traffic lines build up on a carpet at the doorway and in front of the sofa or armchairs. To remove this kind of soil on a carpet takes specialist equipment and professional cleaning products. Regular carpet cleaning can restore your carpet’s beauty and lift the pile, spots and stairs and traffic dirt is removed and your carpet will last for many more years.

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Cleaning your rugs does not have to be difficult. Our local rug spa is professional and  affordable. It is now easier than ever to care for oriental or Persian rugs when you make use of our local Rug Studio. You can have a real  work of art in your home and its care is effortless and affordable. An Oriental rug cleaning company is the perfect solution. There are many companies available that perform this service and they are the only people that know how to properly clean and protect valuable rugs.

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Your furniture should be cleaned professionally at least once a year. Upholstery is manufactured with fabric and padding, designed to cushion and reduce friction, all year your upholstery collects dust and dirt, dog hair and body oils, crumbs of food, spills and pollen. Professional cleaning methods remove dirt, clean spots and stains and restore the good looks of your sofa and chairs. It is affordable and will ensure that your furniture lasts much longer.

Pendlebury M27
Pendlebury is a rural community, a small town that is 4.5 miles from Manchester.

Pendlebury like many of the towns in the region was a  centre for coal mining for several years, Pendlebury saw  a great deal of coal extraction from a number of collieries unitil the closure of Agecroft Colliery in the 1990s.

The 45-acre Northern or Agecroft Cemetary  in Pendlebury was  opened in  July 1903 by the regional authorities in the area  between Langley Road and the town’s  border with Kersal. A crematorium was opened in the nonconformist interment chapel in 1957. A fund has recently been launched, supported by the council and exterior partners, to restore the unused central  church to the existing graveyard which has  fallen into dereliction.

The building highlight of the town of Pendlebury  is the Gothic church of  St Augustine. This beautiful structure was  designed by the 19th century architect George Frederick Bodley and built between  1871 and 1874 . This church is recognized as his finest accomplishment.  The church was  adopted as the miners’ cathedral because of its soaring height and because so many of its parishoners were miners. This church was the focal point of a successful  campaign by English Heritage which essentially saved the structure.

The Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital  constructed in 1873 closed in 2009 and it was  transferred to  Manchester Royal Infirmary, in Manchester

Pendlebury M27