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Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleans Your Carpet in Parrs Wood


 Drop Those Outdated Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning & Shampooing Carpets leave Carpets Wet for Days

Parrs Wood M20 & Didsbury areas are serviced by Deluxe Dry Carpet a local professional carpet cleaning company that uses advanced methods of carpet cleaning. Now you can have easy and convenient carpet cleaning all year and you can use your clean carpet immediately.

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The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Service and System

Professional carpet cleaning is not expensive. It is affordable and it makes economic sense to take good care of what has been an expensive investment in your home. If you don’t clean your carpet properly, you are forced to replace the carpet after a shorter time.

  • Clean carpets look better and last longer

     With regular professional carpet cleaning

    Stain free carpets enhance the beauty of your home

    Local carpet cleaners remove dirt and stains

    From your dry carpet cleaning company

    Affordable carpet cleaning rates for your move in or move out

     Office carpet Cleaning is a bonus for clients & employees


Expert Rug cleaning Service Without Risk

We provide affordable and professional rug care.High quality Oriental rugs provide a lifetime of beauty and use, Professional rug  cleaning service for your Oriental rug every 3-5 years ensures that your rug lasts and stays beautiful. To clean a fine rug yourself is often a false economy and may damage a rug.
Using a commercial rug cleaning company is worth the time and money spent

 Persian & Oriental rug cleaning for all of Parrs Wood

Dirt & Stains Expertly Removed

 Local Rug Cleaners

Best rug cleaning at affordable prices

Remove Rug Odours,

Easy & Affordable upholstery cleaning service

Modern furniture cleaning  methods safely and effectively clean furniture and upholstery surfaces both natural, synthetic or as is common these days a mix .  Regular professional furniture cleaning will not only promote cleanliness, but also increase its longevity

  • Professional Sofa Cleaning Service forParrs Wood

  • Stains and spots on furniture expertly removed

  • Local furniture cleaning is affordable saves you money!

  • Great reviews online from the best upholstery cleaning company

  • Convenient dry upholstery cleaning  services at affordable prices

About Parrs Wood

The most famous building in Parrs Wood is the Parrs Wood House which is an 18th-century Georgian manor house in the Parrs Wood area of Manchester. The house was recognised as a Grade II heritage structure in 1952 and is a protected and listed building.
The designer of the manor house is unidentified, but it might have been created by a member of the Wyatt household. Parrs Wood House was acquired in 1795 by Richard Farrington, whose brother the diarist and artist Joseph Farrington, died there after falling down the staircases of the Church of St James, Didsbury, in 1821.
From 1825 Parrs Wood Residence was home to the Tory MP James Heald (1796– 1873). The Parrs Wood estate passed to his nephew after his death, and also stayed in the household until in the 1920s, when it was sold to the Manchester Company, on the provision that it would be preserved and used for instructional and educational functions . The estate later became the location of Parrs Wood High School and Parrs Wood Rural Studies Centre.
The Parrs Wood estate was formerly the music building and is now the sixth-form centre of Parrs Wood Senior high school. In 2000, a lot of the institutions land was sold to residential or commercial property developers that developed a large entertainment facility, transforming the location “from a semi-rural instructional territory into a leisure facility”. Throughout the redevelopment, Parrs Wood House suffered a great deal of damage and was burglarised , and the original stables destroyed.
This is now Parrs Wood specialty– the entertainment complex which has a huge cinema a bowling alley, a gymnasium and also lots of restaurants and is hugely popular serving all of the Didsbury as well as South Manchester locations