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  • Professional carpet cleaning companies are equipped to clean your carpets with the correct equipment and using cleaning agents that are safe for your family and for the carpet.  Expert carpet cleaners have the  training  to remove  stains and dirts without impacting your carpet., Your carpet will look cleaner and fresher and regular cleaning adds years of useful life. When expert knowledge is accompanied with the best technology applied to different types of fabrics and on expensive carpets, it is sure to yield the desired results

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Be sure to have your Oriental rug cleaning done by an expert and to have it cleaned and inspected regularly. If you are unsure as to how to provide the best care for your rug, ask your professional cleaning service what maintenance should be performed regularly to keep your rug looking great. They should be able to provide you with useful information and tips for cleaning and protecting your rug. There are also abundant amounts of Internet resources that can help you develop a regular maintenance routine for your rug so your investment is protected and looks as good as it did the day you brought it home.

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All furniture and upholstery will at some time require cleaning  and some more frequently than others. Your upholstered furniture is amongst the most used and therefore most visible items in your home or workplace. Its appearance can detract from the beauty of your home if you allow it to become grubby and stained. Regular professional cleaning can keep your furniture looking attractive and will prolong its useful life.

Atherton M46

Atherton is a medium sized town with a population of approximately 20,300 people. It is 5 miles from the large town of Wigan and 10 miles from the centre of Manchester and it is part of greater Manchester. Atherton has several 3 star hotels and a large shopping mall called Ena Mill. Atherton Town Football Club is well supported by the towns football fans and they play their home games on their grounds at  Howe Bridge  in Atherton.   The club is currently raising funds to build a new clubhouse and have big plans for their future. The Atherton FC is part of the Manchester Football League.

Atherton was a coal mining town because of the coal reserves discovered in the 14th century. Coal was one of its main economic resource and the last coal mine closed in only 1966. The town of Atherton was also known as a centre for nail manufacture and had several cotton mills the last of which closed less than 20 years ago. Once a manufacturing town where the majority of the Atherton population worked in the mines and in mills, today most residents of Atherton are employed in the retail and wholesale trade.

Atherton town centre has a small pedestrian shopping precinct with many of the shops operated by independent retailers and there is one main supermarket. The manufacture of nails and bolts was once a major part of Atherton’s economy and still today there is a manufacturer of bolts and fastenings, Smith Bullough, one of the very few remaining manufacturers in the UK. There is a planned retail park to be built on the outskirts of Atherton town centre. In the near future.

The Botanical Club known as Atherton Botanical Garden club was estabilished in 1850 and at that time was well known for its education meetings and for organising walks on Chat Moss. Today it still exists but is no longer active other than as a social club.

Atherton M46