Altrincham Market in Cheshire

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Altrincham Market is very impressive. Altrincham, a small English town, is one of England’s first market towns. It is located between Manchester’s commercial center and  the beautiful countryside of Cheshire 

Markets go back a long way. There has been a market in the town (previously located in the Old Market Place), since the 13th Century. Altrincham Market’s current home is a Victorian market hall that was built on land donated by the Earl of Stamford in 1879. The market had been neglected for many years and was finally renovated in 1990 to celebrate the Altrincham Charter. Local food vendors were also added to the market a few years back.

Altrincham Market, as it exists today, has attracted attention because it was a finalist for the BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards 2016 for Best Food Market and the Observer Food Monthly Best Market Award.

Altrincham Market & Market House, also known as Alty Market, are three-part markets.

The Market House is an indoor food hall that is open every day except Monday. It is the heart of the whole thing. You’ll then find the New Market Square with seating and food stalls. The outdoor covered market is located just next to the food hall. It houses an assortment of fresh produce and artisanal vendors, and is open every day, except Monday and Wednesday.

Visit Tuesday, Friday or Saturday to see the produce vendors. You can also find artisans selling vintage decor and food at the covered market on Tuesday and Saturday.

Altrincham was one of the first market towns. It was chartered in 1290. The town is located at the intersection of Manchester’s commercial commuter zone and Cheshire’s fertile farm belt. It has a rich and long history.

Altrincham market is at the center of the town’s re-invention to become a modern market town.

Weekend markets are very popular and include vintage fashion, furniture, and regional food producers.

According to Olive Magazine, Market House has been transformed into a “permanent gastro hub and canteen” where people can enjoy a wide range of high-quality food slingers.

Market House houses 10 independent quality food producers, including Honest Crust pizza (“among the best in the country”); Wolfhouse Kitchen (former Rose Bakery pastry & savoury chef); Tender Cow (rare breed steak & fries); Tender Cow (craft beers); Jack in the Box(BBC Food & Drink Kate Goodman’s wine shop/bar); Reserve Wines (“BBC Food & Drink Kate Goodman’s wine shop/bar); Reserve Wines (“BBC Food & Drink Kate Goodman’s); Sam Joseph (handmade chocolates); Market House Coffee (Akinsons of Lancaster)

You cannot reserve a table, and it can get very busy at peak times!

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